— PRODUCT EVALUATION, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

Simpson’s DNA suit was designed to have unrestricted movement. The elbows, body panels, knee, lower back, and thigh stretch panels give the user a lot of freedom to move while driving.


While riding an ATV, we encourage safety for ourselves and for others around us. Proper safety equipment can save your life or help you avoid bumps, bruises or even some broken bones. We also encourage everyone to be as safe as possible in UTVs. There’s a huge misconception that you can’t get hurt with a cage of metal around you. We like cages, but there’s still a chance of getting hurt, and there’s a slight chance that a machine might catch on fire.

Simpson Race Products is a company that takes safety very seriously. They have been at the forefront of professional car racing with organizations like NASCAR, NHRA and SCORE, etc. Simpson listens to what their drivers want and incorporates that safety technology into their products. We contacted Simpson to talk safety, and we ended up getting the DNA SFI.5-legal race suit to do a test on.


The Simpson DNA race suit is no joke. It’s developed using highly advanced technology that creates almost no restriction to movement, offers breathability and it’s lightweight. It has three layers of Nomex fire-resistant material. Advanced features include integrated cuffs that minimize the material at the wrists, pre-bent four-way stretch elbows allow for great movement of the arms and four-way stretch body panels reduce tension across the back, torso, waist, hips and thighs. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there; the DNA suit also features knee, inner thigh and lower back stretch panels. The DNA is offered in custom colors or standard colors blue, red and black.


The USA-made DNA suit comes in small to XXL; is offered in red, blue and black; can be custom-fitted; has three layers of Dupont Nomex; and is SFI.5 certified to meet most racing standards.



The DNA suit is so flexible that you could literally do a back handspring flawlessly. Unfortunately, none of us could do that, but that’s beside the point. This suit rocks for flexibility! If any of our readers have been in a racing suit, you know the pain of not having a lot of movement. Also, for a three-layer Nomex suit, it’s very breathable, even on hotter days when we were driving a UTV in it, but any type of racing equipment requires some getting used to.

The DNA suit isn’t as flashy as some of Simpson’s other suits, but it’s their top-of-the-line suit. Going past the flexibility factor, the safety is what got us excited. The fact that it’s a three-layer Nomex suit gives you ultimate protection, and it’s not necessary to use an under liner of Nomex as well. The zipper design was great, because it has two zippers—one that goes up for a full closure and an additional one that opens the suit for ventilation. The suit design covered most of our neck area with a Velcro collar, and the middle of the suit has a Velcro waist adjustment for a tighter fit. Our taller test driver mentioned that he wished the pant legs were a bit longer for him, but Simpson does offer custom-built suits for their customers who aren’t an off-the-rack fit.

The $1,599.00 DNA suit is an expensive option, but you get what you pay for, and they didn’t skimp out on the details. Simpson’s production SFI suits start at $199.95 so there are options for everyone’s budget. For more information on Simpson’s safety products, visit or call (800) 654-7223.

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