— Steering in the right direction, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

We love riding in all types of terrain—from rocky mountains to wooded forests all the way to towering sand dunes. There is something special about floating across massive mounds of powdery sand with the sultry sound of an ATV engine roaring away. Tires are a big part of the enjoyment of riding different terrain, and sand tires make the biggest difference in the dunes. Skat-Trak is a reputable sand-tire company that takes the shells of tires and transforms them into lightweight and terrific tires for the dunes. They offer customization of tires to suit your vehicle’s needs as well. We ordered a set of their Mohawk front ATV tires to test out.


Skat-Trak sent over a set of their Mohawk front tires, which started life out as an AMS off-road tire shell. The shell is then buffed down to remove all the tread to create a light, flexible tire that has excellent flotation in the sand. Skat-Trak will sell a completely buffed tire, or they can add a strip of lugs to the center of the tire.

The single strip of lugs around the tire is directly in the center, like a Mohawk hairdo, provides better turning traction in the sand, and the buffed shell of the tires allows it to float easier over the sand compared to a heavy tire designed with lugs for trail riding. The Mohawk won’t push as much in turns like a completely buffed tire will; however, in some cases, steering can seem a little twitchy with a tread pattern like this. You can get the Skat-Trak Mohawk tires for $117.12 each for a 21×7-10-sized tire.


The Skat-Trak Mohawk tires floated in the sand with ease, and turning was almost immediate thanks to the tread strip in the center of the tire. The front end didn’t push often in hard cornering, either. The only thing you have to keep in mind before ordering a set of Skat-Trak tires is that they’re designed to only be used in the sand. They won’t fare well in rocks and roots due to their lightened shells.

Skat-Trak offers rear ATV paddle tires that you can order to your specifications with the number of paddles you want, as well as down to the shape of them. They also offer tires for UTVs as well. Go to www.skat-trak.com to custom-order a set of ATV or UTV sand tires built to your machine’s needs.

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