HD5 beadlock wheels mounted with Roctane XS tires By the staff of Dirt Wheels


The Roctane XS tire is DOT approved, and designed for desert or hardpack terrain. It performs great in wet terrain as well.


In the expanding UTV industry, more tire companies and models keep popping up; however, some tire companies have stuck around. One such company is STI Tire & Wheel. STI offers multiple tire varieties to handle many types of terrain. The company also offers beadlock rims and non-beadlock rims. We decided to go with STI’s HD5 beadlock wheels ($151.13 each) with red-colored rings ($37.99 each) and their Roctane XS tires ($202.55 apiece).


STI’s HD5 beadlock rims are strong and durable. They are made from machined cast aluminum so they are strong and lightweight. The rim has a reinforced inner bead lip for strength, and the beadlock hardware has been enhanced to increase the beadlock-ring clamping pressure on the tire. You can get this rim in three sizes: 14×7, 14×9, and 15×7. Each rim has a 1000-pound load rating, and the wheel comes either in matte black or machined and gloss black. You can choose the beadlock rings in multiple colors to match most UTVs.


The STI HD5 beadlock wheel is strong and stylish. You can order colored beadlock rings to complement your machine.



Horsepower numbers have risen precipitously over the last few years, and so have UTV sizes. STI designed the Roctane XS tire for large-bore UTVs. We tested this tire on our 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. We put on 30×10-14 tires on all four corners of the machine, along with a spare tire that will now fit any corner of the machine.

The Roctane XS is a non-directional tire that has an eight-ply rating and is DOT approved. STI changed the tread design to make the tire more rounded and lighter weight. The lugs are spaced apart for mud and water to channel through and not easily get clogged up. The tread lugs wrap around to the side walls of the tire to add aggressive traction in corners and help the tire resist punctures.

There is a deep rim guard designed into the tire as well. You can get the Roctane in multiple sizes, including 28, 30, 31 and 32 inches.


STI’s Roctane XS tires grip very well in multiple types of terrain. They excel in tacky dirt, floated well in sand and worked very well in rocky terrain. We ran the tires at 15 psi, but could also drop the pressure down for climbing rocks. We spent time in the hardpack desert where the Roctane XS’ managed the terrain the best with minimal pushing in turns, and they track where you point them.

Additional horsepower didn’t cause the tires to wear quickly. The STI Roctane XS tire is a great tire to upgrade to if you drive in a variety of terrain. They are most impressive on hard and/or rocky surfaces, and if you are interested in getting yourself a set, visit your nearest MTA dealer or www.stitireandwheel.com.