Keeping the outside out...

By Ray Gibbs and the staff of Dirt Wheels

We approve of the current trend to fill in the openings in stock quarter doors rather than replace the entire door. In most cases, we like the operation, look, fit, and finish of the stock door. Our desire was to keep the gap filled, to keep the outside world out of the car, whenever possible. SuperATV makes an aluminum filler panel, or SuperATV Door Inserts to complete a Polaris Pro XP door.


For a door insert to do its job, it must merely fit snugly and stay in place. Since it is attached to the plastic outer door skin, it is not going to offer the same protection as a one-piece aluminum aftermarket door.

In this case, we are pleased with the install, the fit, and the look of the insert door from SuperATV.  It does what it is supposed to—keep stuff from the great outdoors outside of the car. There are no new creaks or rattles.

The added weight is relatively insignificant. For $174.95, they are a great buy.

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1: The whole job was quite easy! It helps to have small clamps to hold the panel to the door skin when drilling. We used a #10 (.187-inch) drill bit. That made the hole just big enough so that the supplied fastener “threaded” through the plastic and held it in place. The supplied nuts have a nylon insert that helps keep them from loosening.


2:  We were about finished drilling the first door and insert when we decided that it would be easier to remove the door skin completely so we could work on a bench. It turned out to be both easier and quicker to remove the door skin.


3:  There is a little aluminum clip at the bottom rear of the door right next to the hinge. You must remove it when taking the plastic door skin off of the aluminum door frame. Be careful when putting it back on. The mounting screws go into the plastic, and it would be easy to strip them out.


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