To air or not to air By the staff of Dirt Wheels

SuperATV’s scratch-resistant flip-down full windshield has a sleek look when it is up and covering the front cab opening. Edge molding seals the top, bottom and sides to the cage.

There are all sorts of UTV windshields to choose from—options include material, with the big decision being some sort of plastic or glass; size, with the popular choices being half or full; and mounting style. Some mount permanently, while others disconnect and remove quickly without tools. We spent time with a SuperATV scratch-resistant flip-down windshield. One of the selling points of a half windshield is the way it allows air into the cab when the weather is hot, but keeps most air out of your face at speed. A flip-down windshield allows full-coverage protection in the cold or wet, yet flips down for maximum air in warm weather.


The SuperATV flip-down Lexan plastic windshield mounts quickly with clean and stylish fittings. The portion of the windshield that folds is secured to the cage tubing with quality rubber straps with hook-and-loop closures. When the windshield is down, there is an upper portion to prevent water from dripping off the roof and into the cockpit. A bottom section is shaped to the profile of the car. It has the hinges to drop the windshield. The small top and bottom sections mount with sleek clamps, so some tools are required.

In addition, a small metal bracket mounts on each side of the hood area utilizing a factory bolt. It acts as the tie-down point for the folded windshield.

We mounted the flip-down windshield on two different Polaris RZR Pro XPs. We torture-tested the windshield both up and folded at 55 mph in deep whoops, and it held up to the abuse perfectly.

The hook-and-loop straps secure the folding section to the cage when up and to hood-side brackets when down.


The windshield is made from 1/4-inch, scratch-resistant polycarbonate, which SuperATV claims is 25 times stronger than acrylic (think cheap Amazon/eBay windshields) and 250 times stronger than glass. Furthermore, they use an XR Optic hard coating to maximize performance and minimize blemishes.

In the down position, the front two Velcro straps are used to keep the windshield down. It stays in place well with zero vibration up to a top speed of 85 mph. At that speed, the window gets pushed down and very little air goes underneath.

After 100 miles of testing, the straps do a good job keeping the windshield secured to the hood. Our only complaint was a minor one. In the down position, the windshield didn’t allow our Ride Command antenna to stick up straight. The Ride Command seemed to work fine regardless.

All mounting hardware is clean and works well. None of the mounts or hardware came loose or caused any problems.


We liked the price and ease of installation of the Super ATV flip-down windshield. It does everything right and only takes a short time to install. The price is $385, but the price may vary for other models.


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