q There’s nothing worse than the thought of losing your investment off the back of the trailer in rough weather or bumpy roads. Here at Dirt Wheels, we have been tying things down for decades, and we find new tricks all the time. If you read our article on securing your cargo last month, you saw these trick “Superclamps,” which is a solid mounting device that secures your machine by the tires. If you didn’t read last month’s issue, here’s a quick rundown.
The Superclamp system consists of front-wheel chocks and a rear-clamp assembly. You measure the width of your machine at the tires, bolt the quick-release clamps to your trailer, and roll your ATV or UTV onto the chocks. Securing your cargo is as easy as slamming a lever down once installed. The chocks can be placed at any width, but only allow you to set the clamps for vehicles of a certain width once installed. It’s especially effective for larger, heavier units, such as a UTV. We installed them on our Carson flatbed trailer set to Can-Am Commander width. Installation took about an hour with all the measuring and bolting.
Once installed, you must set the tire height on the clamps, which is adjustable for a 17–28-inch tire. Just drive the vehicle up onto the chocks, put it in park (or engage the parking brake), then flip the lever down over the rear tires. It’s that simple! The rear assembly has a hole to padlock the bars as well, which makes it an effective theft deterrent. The front-wheel chocks are made of composite plastic with a gripper surface, and the rears are a die-cast aluminum assembly that is strong and lightweight. 
The Superclamp system eliminates fumbling with tie-downs and makes securing your cargo a breeze; however, as we mentioned, you can only set the system up for a certain width, so you can’t secure a UTV and an ATV with the same setup—unless they are the same width from wheel to wheel, both side to side and front to back. The other downfall is the price. At $699.95, you can buy quite a few tie-downs. 
It’s a solid system, but the price of the Superclamp needs to come down a bit. It’s a high-quality piece, which is why it’s so expensive, but we expect to see more economical options soon. Superclamp also sells tie-down systems for sleds, as well as cargo securing options that you can find on their website at or by calling (403) 203-2210. Their customer support is excellent; the owner of the company supplies his personal cell-phone number on the website in order to make himself more available for his customers. We will gladly pay a premium to anyone who stands behind their products like Randall at Superclamps does, so we rate this product high on our list! q
The rear clamps look super trick and are heavy duty. They also slide right off the tracks when they aren’t clamped down, which is nice.
We bolted the Superclamp kit to our 20-foot flatbed and used it to tie down our Commander. The unit never budged!

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