Testing a great UTV setup

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This setup looks great and performs just as well. The tires even find traction in some deep sand.


We love testing tires! Not only does it mean we get to go riding, but it also means that we purposely get to put the smackdown on rubber and try to take it past its limits. System 3 Off-Road sent us over a set of SB-3 15-inch Beadlock wheels with their RT320 32-inch Race & Trail radial UTV tires wrapped around them. You can bet that we ran these through our torture test.


These wheels are constructed from cast aluminum and are designed to take a beating. The billet-aluminum Beadlock ring is 10mm thick and utilizes 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolts to secure the tire to the rim. System 3 inserted stainless steel lug inserts into this rim to ensure that the holes won’t oval out over time. We installed this setup on a Polaris RZR, so we needed to pick up a set of System 3’s lug nuts since the stockers won’t fit properly. The SB-3 comes in 14- and 15-inch rim sizes. Pricing ranges from $165.99 to $181.99 apiece.

The RT320 is an 8-ply-rated radial that is DOT approved.


This tire is perfect for the desert racer or rider that wants a tire that will handle smoothly but gain traction right when you need it. The carcass is 8-ply rated to resist puncturing, and the tread is closely spaced, so it’s more difficult for sharp trail debris to reach the carcass. This tire has a round profile to increase slide-ability when warranted. It is a multi-directional radial that is DOT rated so you can pilot your rig on the streets where it is legal. The sizing for this tire is 28, 30, and 32 inches. Weight ranges from 33.8 to 41.6 pounds each. Pricing ranges from $195.99 to $239.99 each. 

You can pick up the SB-3 rim in multiple color options and even in a non-Beadlock design.



We recently spent time at the 2019 King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, California. You can find sand, hardpack and some of the gnarliest rock crawling around. What a perfect place to run these new meats!

For starters, the tire held up. We ran our RZR through sharp rock and managed to not get punctures or sliced sidewalls. Some precise driving aided with that as well. The tire held its own in deep ruts without grabbing too hard, thanks to the rounded sidewall shape. The RT320s slide through corners well without causing the machine to tip. The forward push was great on hard-packed, loose surfaces and even worked reasonably well in deep sand. We would have liked a little bit more bite in some situations, but generally, the performance didn’t disappoint!

The SB-3 wheels look great on our machines. The styling is clean and the rims are tough. We had no issues with them at all, so that was a big plus!

We suggest you go to to check out their whole wheel and tire lineup for UTVs. A great place to purchase a System 3 Off-road product would be through DragonFire Racing:

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