q We go through a lot of gear here at Dirt Wheels, and we have to look fresh for our shoots! This means we get to test many varieties of gear, from inexpensive to costly, vented to cold weather. Thor’s Phase gear leans toward the vented and value side, but doesn’t skimp on quality. The set we picked up here is called the Phase Amazon Red, and it’s available through any local dealership or online parts distributor. The vented Phase gear is perfect for the hot summer months we’ve been riding in lately here in Southern California, and it offers a unique look, especially with the Dirt Wheels logo printed on it!

The jersey is a vented, 100-percent-polyester piece, with knit cuffs and collars that are designed to stay out of the way. It’s light, breathes well and fits nicely. The pants are a perforated nylon material that vents well, with stretch panels strategically placed in the crotch and knee. The inside of the knees are leather for grip and heat protection, and the no-collar legs won’t bunch up in the boots. Thor double and triple stitches the seams for durability, and the easy ratcheting waist closure stays tight while you ride.  

We draped the Thor gear over Dirt Wheels model Brigitte Graham for the photos, where she got to test out the gear as well. We tested a similar set alongside hers, and found that even in the hot summer months, the Phase gear kept cool as long as there was a slight breeze or you were moving. We didn’t have any abnormal tearing in the gear, but a stitch did come loose in the cuff. We cut the thread, and it stayed together. The pants fit well, but are a little on the snug side compared to Fly or Axo pants. They’re thin and lightweight—both for the value point and venting—but don’t offer the protection of some of the heavier pants. The jersey is a great cut that is extremely comfortable, and it looks great on our model! The Amazon pattern is also available in blue, and sizes for the jersey range from S–XXXL, and pant sizes range from 28–48. The price for the jersey is $29.95, and the pants are $89.95.


For an inexpensive set of gear, the Thor Phase Amazon Red suit delivers. It runs cool, looks sweet and fits great. The backs of the arms have slight padding built in as well, which adds to the jersey’s protection level. If you’re looking for something a little beefier, check out Thor’s Core gear, which is a little pricier, but offers more features and a tougher material. Contact Thor at (619) 448-8467 or q
Dirt Wheels model Brigitte Graham looks and feels stellar in the Phase Amazon gear.

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