PRODUCT EVALUATION THOR PHASE SPIRAL GEAR Hot looks that won’t bust your budget

q Thor is one of motocross’ largest brand names, with a logo that’s recognizable even by people who don’t know the sport. There’s a good reason for that: Thor has been making quality riding apparel for a long time now—since 1968, in fact. That’s a lot of R&D time packed in over the years, and with top supercross and motocross riders on the podiums wearing the brand, you can bet the stuff works. Thor has yet to make a big push into ATV racing sponsorship, and we are hoping to help change that. Currently, Thor has a handful of sponsored ATV racers, and we would like to see that increase to Fly Racing’s sponsorship levels!

The gear we have draped nicely over our model here is the 2012 Thor Phase Spiral gear in good ol’ red. It’s also available in black, blue and orange in the spiral design, with six more color/design combos available to make a very large collection in just their Phase gear set. The Phase is Thor’s most affordable gear set. You can get the jersey and pants online together for under $120. Considering that’s less than the price of a set of high-end riding pants, we’re thinking it’s a great deal.

The jersey features a very unique collar design. It’s sort of a cut-off V-neck with a taller, tapered soft tab in the back of the neck. The cuffs at the ends of the sleeves have an odd cut too; they taper down to nothing at the bottom side. But the cuffs are short and elastic to prevent the jersey from riding up. Small forearm pads are sewn into the jersey, which you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever put an arm down when falling in gravel or hardpack.

The bottom of the jersey has a straight hem that tucks nicely in the pants, which are very nicely tailored as well. Thor’s pants have a large plastic zipper with a single-button closure surrounded by Velcro and a single-ratchet adjuster on the waist. The pants also have stretch panels in the crotch, knee and rear end, with nylon construction everywhere else. The side panels are stretchy and slightly vented, and both legs feature leather inners for durability and grip.

The knee panels themselves are thicker nylon for durability as well. If you buy a pair of riding pants without leather inners these days, you’re making a mistake. The advantages of the grippy, durable inner-leg patches include making it easier to stay on the machine, as well as not gluing your leg to your exhaust header. The construction of the pants is lightweight but solid and should last at least a couple of hard riding seasons if you take care of it.

Thor has some of the most stylish gear out on the market, and their patterns range from mild to wild. We quite like the look of the Phase Spiral gear, especially branded with the Dirt Wheels logo like on our test set! The fit of the gear is great, and it’s light enough to be worn in hot weather, even without extreme ventilation patches. If it’s really hot where you ride, Thor also sells a vented Phase gear version as well, which you can find online at We enjoy riding in the Phase gear. It’s comfortable, strong, lightweight and inexpensive. The pants are priced at $89.95, and the jersey is $29.95. For more on Thor’s 2012 collection, visit their website at, or call Thor directly at (619) 448-8467! q

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