Don’t hammer your head!

Don’t hammer your head! By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Thor’s Reflex model is the company’s premier helmet. In the last decades we’ve seen many championships won by riders wearing Thor helmets, and we see top professionals at the track wearing them. Still, the important thing is whether the fit and safety features let us feel confident riding or racing.


Thor starts with a carbon shell, and we found that the outer dimensions of our size-medium Reflex Carbon Polar are visually somewhat larger than a typical medium. Safety plays a part in this shell being a little larger, though, because between your head and the shell, there is the MIPS system, as well as Koroyd safety technology. For better or worse depending on your preference, the chin bar is longer than some top-tier helmets on the market as well.

The medium helmet we tested was a little on the small side, so Thor sent us size-large inner pads and a liner, and it was just what we needed. As a safety measure, Thor uses cheek pads that have an emergency pull strap to remove the pads while the helmet is still on in case you need to get the helmet off your head carefully. Integrated ventilation is substantial compared to any helmet we’ve tested.


The fit of the Reflex took a full day of riding before we began to feel at home in the helmet. We didn’t feel full contact around our whole head like you feel with some helmets. Instead, the contacts points have more space between them. That is probably why we felt so much airflow while riding. With the generous ventilation, the helmet also let more sound in, so smart riders may need to consider earplugs.

While it is a motocross helmet, it is our choice for slower-speed off-road riding. You don’t have to be moving fast to get good ventilation. We liked how putting goggles on and getting them in place was easy with raised body lines on the helmet to guide the strap in a nice, parallel location.


The Reflex retail price is $400, which comes in a few hundred dollars less than some elite helmets on the market. For the price, we would definitely wear one, particularly for more technical slow-speed riding or when the weather is hot to take advantage of the great interior ventilation.


Price: $399.99

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