PRODUCT EVALUATION TITAN STRAPS The modern-day bungee cord

q There are many ways to secure cargo on the rack of an ATV or in the back of a UTV. Over the years, we’ve used everything from rope and bungee cords to tie-downs and ratchet straps. Ratchet straps are our favorite since they cinch down very tight, are infinitely adjustable and, best of all, can double as a tow rope.

However, that doesn’t mean we are opposed to trying something new. The latest product to take on the tough job of securing cargo on an ATV is called Titanstraps. For only $8 each, the slim Titanstraps are made of a UV-resistant polyurethane rubber in a bright-day-glow orange color. The claim to fame of the Titanstraps are that no matter what size load (to a point) you are trying to secure, the Titanstraps will quickly and easily conform to your needs.

On one end, the 2-foot-long strap, a 5052 T-6 aluminum buckle and hook similar to a belt buckle are found; the other end has a series of holes that allow you shorten the connecting point of the strap to your desired length. So basically you are belting cargo to your ATV’s rack, bumper or rear grab bar.

The manufacturer, Lawson USA, claims the strap can work in a wide temperature range, so that’s how we tested it. For the last month we have brought a pair of Titanstraps on every ride. From the heat of Glamis to the freezing temperatures in northern Idaho, the Titanstraps went through a brutal Dirt Wheels test. We found the Titanstraps to be useful when securing small gas cans or tools, like chainsaws or portable winches. You can combine two straps together to hold larger items. The strap stretches slightly, so you can get a pretty tight fit on the item you are carrying. The strap itself also has a little grip to it so it doesn’t slide around, like how a tie-down or a piece of rope does.

Their compact size allows you to store the Titanstraps in any cargo pocket when not in use. The Titanstraps have a load rating of 200 pounds, so it has plenty of strength to carry anything it can fit around. It works great for those smaller items too. If you are looking for a new tool to help secure loose items on your next ride, consider using Titanstraps. To order, contact them directly at (406) 585-7177 and tell them Dirt Wheels sent ya. You can also order online at q
We tested the TitanStraps alongside some other low-cost fasteners you would typically find at Walmart or an auto-parts store. The TitanStraps kept our goods far more secure. We only wish it came in longer lengths.

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