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During our initial trial and track test, the turn-in grip upfront, and predictable sliding were the tire’s biggest assets. Durability and a long-lasting rubber compound have impressed us thus far.


It’s been years since any company has introduced a new tire that’s not only good for Joe Public, the trail rider, but also come up with a tire that is race-proven and used by race-winning drivers.  Meet the Obor Advent Knobby Knobs.

It’s a brand-new tire, from a new company that has turned to industry professionals to help them develop products.  XC pro-Adam McGill has already won a GNCC race on this tire, and Landon Wolfe ended up one race shy of being undefeated on their utility tires in the 4×4 class in 2020.

 In all, they have 10 SxS tires, half a dozen utility ATV tires, and one sport quad tread pattern for the Advent. This sport tire is available in XC sizes 20×11-8, 20×11-9, and 22×11-9 for the rear, and 21×7-10, 22×7-10, and 23×7-10 for the front. For the MX use, they come in 19×6-10 or 20×6-10 fronts and 18×10-8 for the rear.

The 20 rear and 21 front, we tested, are mounted on a complete DWT Champion in a Box wheelset. This package set from DWT is a true timesaver and makes you feel like a professional just opening it.

The box comes complete with four new wheels, mud plugs for the rear wheels, stickers, and a hat. We chose the WORCS setup, which is two non-Beadlock rolled lips, 10×5 fronts, and two single Beadlock 9-inch rears for $545.

DWT also carries a dual-Beadlock setup for GNCC-style riding and a single, 8-inch Beadlock setup for MX racers. They also carry a huge variety of other wheels.


For the test, we brought out our Suzuki Quadracer LT-R450. This quad is set up for WORCS- and GP-style racing with Roll Design suspension arms and Elka shocks.

The mounting was quick on DWT’s powder-coated wheels. The rear G3 beadlocks feature 8mm hardware, which keeps weight down while still holding the tire bead tight.

The front wheels have the Ultimate Rok-Out feature that has a thin guard at the center of the wheel to keep debris from entering the brake area. We really appreciate the fact that these wheels come with the valve stems already in place. That’s a real timesaver.

Out on the trail, the Obor tires did not disappoint. We ran our go-to pressures—6 psi in the rear and 8 upfront. Our trails were dry at the time of testing, and the tires worked excellently.

Traction was high yet predictable. The aggressive fronts had great turn-in traction, as well as grip over off-camber situations. Feedback through the handlebars when hitting rocks was minimal, which we liked.

Outback, acceleration was spot-on, as well as braking traction. You could predictably manipulate the traction with throttle and clutch input. The tires did exactly what we wanted them to do.

Even in the rutted trails, the small sidewall lugs helped to keep the quad moving forward. When needed, all you had to do was transfer weight to that outside edge of one tire and you could feel the side and top corner knobs grabbing to keep you from getting high-centered. On a tacky track, the tire gripped even better, but not so much as to bog or slow the quad down.

We think the design of the new tire is great. Traction and feel are comfortable and as predictable as anything out there. The rubber compound seems to last forever. Finally, Obor is selling these tires for a very reasonable $90 (front) and $120 (rear), plus they ship for free. If you are looking for a quality tire for your trail quad, 4×4 or UTV, the Obor brand is definitely worth looking at. You can find them here:

You can order them at (800) RACE-RIM or visit

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