q Ever wondered how far or fast you’re going but didn’t have vehicle instrumentation to tell you? A trip/odometer is a great way to track gas mileage, miles to empty, service intervals and directions, and now Trail Tech has made it a breeze to outfit any ATV or UTV with a small computer. Meet the Trail Tech Endurance II, a fourth-generation vehicle computer that shares a wealth of information while remaining easy to install and read.

The brightly lit LCD display shows large, clear numbers, and the Endurance II can be mounted in a variety of places, but is most easily mounted using the supplied handlebar clamps. To install it, you will need to pull one front wheel off and replace one of the brake rotor bolts with the magnetic pickup sensor, so installation will take about an hour if you follow the clear instructions. Once mounted, the Endurance II displays current, maximum or average speed in mph or kph, with twin trip meters, a permanent odometer, hour meter, ride time, clock and even a maintenance hour tracker. Three buttons cycle through the functions easily, and the small unit can even be nestled into a rectangular bar pad to hide the wires.

We bolted the Endurance II up to a YFZ450 and a DS450, and it worked just as well on either machine. The bright LED backlight and high-contrast display are easy to see day or night, and wiring up the power is simple. If the external power supply is cut, it has a battery to keep it going and permanent flash memory to ensure no loss of data. You can order model-specific kits on Trail Tech’s website, and they come with everything you need to install. It comes with waterproof connections and has a one-year warranty as well.

We used the Trail Tech Endurance II meter to track our gas mileage to see just how far we could go on a tank without running out. We also took along a GPS to see if the speed was accurate. Once installed, you must measure the overall height of your tire to program into the unit. This is what calibrates the speedometer and trip meters, so don’t skip it! Once calibrated, the speed was within a couple tenths of a mile per hour; in other words, very precise!


For $79.95, the Trail Tech Endurance II meter is everything we need to monitor our vehicle’s distance and maintenance intervals, and the speedometer is an added bonus. Make sure you take the time to read through the instructions to set it up correctly; it will pay off when the little service wrench flashes to remind you to service your vehicle! Contact Trail Tech at (360) 687-4530 or online by visiting q
The Baja 500-winning YFZ sported an Endurance II computer that was slipped into a bar pad. This protects the unit and gives it a sleeker look with no exposed wires!

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