q A part of last month’s “Project Yamaha Grizzly” article included a brand-new instrument panel from Trail Tech called the Voyager. Trail Tech’s sport quad speedometers and dash panels have always been a clean, convenient way to add a speedo, odometer and temp gauges to your machine; however, the Voyager goes much further than that for a reasonable price of $280.

Along with the Voyager’s main asset, a GPS system, the list of displays on the unit includes a speedometer, odometer, various time counters, and engine and air temperatures. The GPS portion of the product is fully functional and allows you to download maps, and edit, store and share trail info. Plus, the screen can be seen in bright daylight to full darkness.

Installation of the dash panel only takes minutes. Trail Tech offers a simple plastic handlebar clamp mount or a more permanent aluminum bracket that bolts to your handlebar clamps. UTV-steering column mounts are available as well.

It takes about an hour to complete the installation, including the magnetic wheel motion sensor, if you choose to use that option. Five more minutes will allow you to install the inline water temperature sensor. You can either wire the unit into your quad’s battery or rely on its own rechargeable Li-ion battery.


Getting lost is not only frustrating, it can be dangerous. Dirt Wheels editor Cain Smead once rescued a dirt bike rider at 11:00 at night in 2 feet of snow in the middle of the mountains. The guy’s dirt bike ran out of gas and left him stranded on a mountaintop with no help. Quads save the day again!

While the Voyager doesn’t have a fuel gauge, it does have a great GPS unit that will track your position and show routes and shortcuts if you have them already programmed in.

The best thing about the Voyager is that it can be mounted in a quick disconnect holder on any handlebar, and can be removed from the ATV and carried with you. This is great for scoping out new trails or just going on nature hikes deep in the woods or high in the mountains.

Mounted on our project Grizzly and several other quads, we used the Voyager to map out several new trails, mark mileage on a test loop and check top speeds on a couple of test quads. Just using the GPS speedometer, we could easily get consistent measurements, just like on a standard GPS unit. We really like that the Voyager had air temperature and altitude readouts, too. That will come in handy all year long.


Either as a handheld unit, or hard-mounted and wired into an ATV, the Voyager worked awesome. It can give sport quad riders extra function on and off their ATV. Utility riders that might already have an instrument panel will find it very useful too. For $280, the Voyager gives you much more than any ordinary GPS can offer. Contact Trail Tech at (360) 687-4530, or order online at q
The Voyager  allows you to write, modify and share trail maps anywhere you want to go. A micro SD card is used to move the data from the Voyager to your computer, or to another Voyager out on the trail. The screen can be focused in on a single trail or zoomed out to view a bigger area.
This is one of those products that come along every few years that we want to use on every quad we ride. Yes, we even found use for it on the MX track. It can record speeds and time in motion, which is great for testing or training.
We made the Trail Tech Voyager even more useful by replacing the one main mounting bolt with a thumb screw. It allows us to remove the unit out on the trail without tools, so we can walk around with it off of the quad.

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