PRODUCT EVALUATION: Get your friends back to the trailhead 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Each end of the 20,000-pound-rated, 20-foot strap has a loop in it to aid in attachment.


If we are driving a UTV any farther than we can easily walk back, we make sure we’re prepared for the trip. Ideally, that means traveling with at least one other reliable machine in good condition. At the very least we carry the tools and equipment with us to make routine repairs. In case we fail to make repairs, we always carry a tow strap, and we call on our second car to tow us back.

Tusk has a $19.99 tow strap that does all we require of it. It is a 20-foot by 2-inch heavy-duty nylon strap. Both ends of the strap are folded and stitched with a protective sleeve for durability and wear protection. Both loop ends have a reinforced 6-inch suture patch for strength.

Each tow strap includes a hook-and-loop lashing strap to keep the tow strap neatly and compactly wrapped between uses. Also included is a half-inch D-ring shackle to attach the tow strap to sharp locations that might cut or damage the strap.




Tusk delivers the tow rope in this kit. It has a nylon carry bag with a drawstring closure, a 20-foot tow strap and a heavy-duty D-ring shackle to attach the strap to a machine.



Tusk offers a vast assortment of off-roading parts for ATVs, dirt bikes and UTVs, and we would consider this tow strap one of those bargain-priced products. The strap is plenty long at 20 feet, bright and easy to see for safety, and built with the features we want and need. We tested it on a Can-Am Sport that had smooth bumper bars to insert the strap behind, then slide the other end through the loop to get a strong and safe attachment. If we had no tie point that wasn’t sharp, a second D-ring shackle would be a nice touch. We used the D-ring shackle to attach the other end to a standard tow hitch.

The strap towed the car easily. We also use a tow strap to change tires or wheels in the field. Rather than take the time to jack the car up, we use a strap to the top part of the roll cage to pull two wheels off the ground.

The tow strap comes with a D-ring shackle to attach a strap to your machine. A second D-ring shackle would be nice.



Tusk’s tow strap is priced right, is easy to use and easy to carry with you. It is a simple tool but a good version of that time-tested tool. It does exactly what it is claimed to do with little fuss.

We will put a second D-ring shackle in the bag with the strap, but otherwise we simply plan to put it to use. To find your own tow strap, you can give Rocky Mountain a call at (800) 336-5437 to order or go to www.rockymountainatvmc.com.

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