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Tusk’s Cargo Barricade adds a great finished look to the rear of a UTV. It would have been a lot easier to use a solid metal plate, but it looks better and is lighter to cut so much of the material away.


Kawasaki’s Teryx KRX 1000 is a great UTV for trail work. In fact, it works so well that you will be tempted to ride farther than ever. Ride farther and longer, and you will want to bring more stuff! Kawasaki has planned the KRX cab with a lot of room for cargo, but eventually you will want to utilize the cargo bed area. Like many sport UTVs, the KRX has a bed area that is open at the rear. Tusk has the answer for the open-bed policy—the Tusk Cargo Barricade. This Barricade is available for other UTV models, but prices do vary by machine.


The Tusk Cargo Barricade is a rigid metal structure designed to enclose the rear cargo compartment of your UTV. It does not open like a tailgate, but rather bolts into existing locations using the provided hardware. A 1.25-inch large top tube is structural support, as well as a way to mount the Barricade securely to the stock roll cage. Under the bar is an attractive stamped structure that restrains cargo. The suggested retail price is a reasonable $155.99, though it was listed for $129.99 when we ordered ours.

Viewed from the rear, the Tusk Cargo Barricade looks like it belongs on the machine, almost as if it should have come that way. That is the sign of a well-designed product.



Installation should only take 10 minutes if you don’t run into any issues. Simply remove the OEM bolts described in the installation instructions, place the rack on the rear of the bed and install the provided longer bolts. It literally takes as long to install as it did for us to write this! Except in our case. Our KRX 1000 had one bolt on the rear ROP that refused to line up with the factory bolt hole. After 20 minutes of tweaking, we finally got the offending bolt installed without cross-threading.

Take a close look and you can see how robust the mounts are that secure the structural tube to the cage-mounting brackets. You can also see how much the Barricade extends the bed area over stock.


It’s amazing how much added storage the Tusk Cargo Barricade creates. At the bottom, where the barricade meets the bed floor, there’s an additional 3 inches of storage. That grows to 5 inches at the top of the Barricade. Those numbers may not sound like much, but it sure is huge when loading an ice chest or cargo box. Even with a spare tire in the bed, there are a lot more mounting locations for the cargo straps needed to secure items on top of the tire.

The weight of accessories is always a concern, especially when placed on the tail of the car. The Barricade’s weight is minimal, and we haven’t felt any effect on handling. Another plus, in our opinion, is the look of the Barricade. Our KRX’s lack of any type of closure on the back of the bed left us feeling that something was missing. The Tusk Cargo Barricade fills that void and makes the car look a whole lot better.

Functionality and good looks make for a total win in our opinion. Do an internet search when shopping, as we found there was a $10–$15 difference in advertised prices.



We have been pleased with cargo solutions from Tusk before, and the Tusk Cargo Barricade earned our approval even faster than normal. It looks great, secures the rear opening of the cargo bed and supplies many more options for tie-down points for items in the bed. Go to www.rockymountainatvmc.com and search for the Barricade, or call (800) 336-5437 to order your own.

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