Testing a smart way  to carry more stuff

By the staff of Dirt Wheels:

Strapping down our parts and tools is simple with this system.


Polaris RZRs are a blast to drive, and in the deserts of Southern California and similar areas in the states, a four-seater is the way to go. It has a smoother ride over fast, rough sections than a two-seater does. We don’t often fill all four seats in our RZR XP Turbo S 4, so we decided to make our lives easier and pick up a Tusk seat cargo rack kit that includes a new seat base for $219.99. We were not disappointed!

Tusk’s seat cargo rack kit comes with an aluminum-constructed cargo mounting rack that has many cutouts for tie-downs or rope to secure your items.


Tusk’s new rack is made from high-quality aluminum with a durable black powder-coated finish to resist wear and tear from weather and riding. There are many tie-down points on the racks, so you can use multiple methods to strap your gear down. You can purchase these racks for each rear seat (side specific) or the front passenger seat of a two- or four-seat RZR. You can utilize your old seat bases from your RZR seats, or order the racks with a seat base. Switching your seats in and out with the racks and separate bases will only take seconds. The racks are cheaper without seat bases.

You can purchase a new seat base to attach to the racks, so you don’t have to take the ones off of your stock seats. This makes putting the seats back in quick and easy in case you have more friends join your ride.



We ordered one of these kits and instantly wished we ordered a full-back seat set for the four-seater. The cargo bed of an RZR can generally hold up to 300 pounds, but that hinders its performance in the rear. If you can place the weight of the cargo where occupants would generally go, the machine will ride better. Or, you can load up the bed, tune the shocks for it, and then have a ton more cargo space with these racks.

Another awesome feature is that you can load up cargo underneath the racks before easily installing them. This system works quite well if you have full doors when loading cargo underneath the racks so your gear stays cleaner and doesn’t disappear if you don’t strap it down. We will be getting another set of Tusk’s cargo racks for future machines! Go to www.rockymountainatvmc.com and look the kit up, or call (800) 336-5437 to order your own setup.

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