Safety and shade By John Bumgarner and the staff of Dirt Wheels

Tusk’s UTV Profile aluminum roof adds a great finished look and welcome protection from the elements and overhead cab intrusions. We felt the $274.99 price was quite reasonable.

The Tusk UTV Profile aluminum roof is a great addition to any side-by-side vehicle. The aluminum top protects you and your passengers from the sun, and can keep you safe from Mother Nature’s harsh environment.

We added some adhesive-backed foam to the roof to reduce the sound reflection from the roof. We were able to easily mount a LED light bar to the upper surface of the roof.


Laser-cut from 0.10 aluminum with rolled edges, the construction of the roof gives that factory look to your machine. Ours was designed for a Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000, and all necessary mounting hardware and a foam anti-vibration gasket make for a quick and easy installation on top of your roll cage. Black powdercoating adds to the good looks and durability of the roof. Each Profile roof is custom designed to fit most popular, modern UTVs.

These rolled edges offer further liquid protection. There is some latitude in mounting, so we pushed the roof’s leading edge forward so a windshield would mount under the edge.


Adding a roof to your UTV is probably one of the most popular upgrades out there today. They can keep you from looking like a dried-out French fry in the summer and affords the needed coverage from rain and foul weather in the winter. The Tusk Profile roof checks off all those boxes at a very reasonable price. It has rolled edges on the front and sides with a lipped spoiler on the rear. We mounted the front edge of the roof about 3/8 inches past the roll bar so that a full windshield will slip underneath the lip. This will keep water from running off the front of the roof and into the cab. The rear spoiler extends behind the rear portion of the roll cage to provide coverage for the back of the cab.

We haven’t experienced rain in our western riding areas, but we feel the spoiler is long enough to keep water from running down our backs. The installation kit includes self-adhesive foam strips that stick to the top of the tubing to keep rattling and vibration to a minimum. The four bolt holes in the roof are slightly elongated so you can find that perfect mounting location. Our KRX 1000 has recessed roof mounting locations, so the kit included four metal spacers to keep everything flush. There are two additional holes in the front of the roof that lined up perfectly with our LED light bar. We drilled a hole through the roof behind the light bar so we could run our wiring inside the cab. A little silicone sealant around the wire was used for waterproofing.

There’s not a lot you can say about a UTV roof other than the pros and cons of metal versus plastic. For us, the only real con to adding a roof is the fact that sound bounces off the underside of the roof, making for a noisier ride. To combat this, we installed some 1/4-inch, adhesive-backed foam panels. It was surprising how much this reduced the tinny sound that’s inherent with any roof.

The rear of the roof not only rolls over the edge of the roof, but it kicks up on the ends. The rear of the roof acts like a rain gutter to guide water away from the cab area.


A roof can make your UTV trips much more enjoyable, and the budget-friendly $274.99 Tusk UTV Profile roof keeps your bank account happy. Go to and look at the roof or call (800) 336-5437 to order your own.

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