Keeping your engine cool with those that keep it breathing By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Twin Air’s high-performance IceFlow coolant lowers operating temperatures and protects your machine’s cooling system with a non-toxic, biodegradable formula.

Twin Air has been the air filter choice of champions since 1972, and their foam air filters were developed in the Netherlands to protect dirt bike engines from the gritty Dutch sand. Twin Air now makes dual-layer foam filters for our ATVs and UTVs, with some applications having a flame-retardant layer that eliminates the restrictive OEM backfire screen. The off-road performance and protection company also sells factory pre-oiled filters that were once only available to factory race teams. Twin Air then branched out to develop Liquid Power air filter oil and Dirt Remover cleaner, contact cleaner, and the System filter cleaning and oiling kits.

Fast-forward to today, and Twin Air expands its performance and protection influence with Bio air-filter sealant, dust covers, airbox covers, billet-aluminum air-filter bolts, exhaust plugs, filtered airbox vents, response-improving Powerflow throttle-body kits, oil-cooler kits, oil filters, oil filter caps, gripper seats and covers, and billet-aluminum air-filter cages. So, it stands to reason that Twin Air would develop a high-performance coolant for all liquid-cooled engines. Enter Twin Air’s IceFlow.


Twin Air’s high-performance IceFlow coolant is a ready-to-use formula that provides a long-lasting protection of all metals inside old and new liquid-cooled systems, and it won’t harm water-pump seals. It’s designed to reduce and maintain operating temperatures and boost reliability via preventing overheating. It has an extreme freezing point of -14.8 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 degrees Celsius) and is formulated with demineralized water. IceFlow is mono propylene glycol-based, non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s based on long-life Organic Acid Corrosion (OAT)-protection technology and is nitrate-, amine-, and phosphate-free, nor does it contain silicates. 


We warmed up our 2023 RZR Pro XP 4 with a speed run up Vincent Hill and did a short-course lap before returning over the mountain. Peak temperature was 198 degrees Fahrenheit, and the operating average was 192. We drained the XP 4’s coolant, which was VP Racing’s Stay Frosty, and replaced it with IceFlow. After getting rid of the bubbles, we topped off the Pro XP 4’s coolant reservoir.

By the time we hit the testing loop again, the day had warmed up by 10 degrees. We pushed the Pro XP 4 Turbo hard up Vincent Hill, and peak temperature was 194 degrees, while average operating temperature was only 189. We did a couple of extra short-course laps on a loop that had been ravaged and washed out by Hurricane Hilary and also had deep sand. Considering that we had lower operating and peak temperatures with higher ambient temperature, IceFlow delivers on Twin Air’s claims. It had lower temperatures than VP Stay Frosty, which is another high-performance coolant.

We also replaced the coolant in a 1999 Yamaha YZ400F and 2008 Kawasaki KLX450R, and we added a WR coolant reservoir to the YZ-F to prevent coolant loss should it overheat this next summer. IceFlow is blue in color, whereas most coolants are yellow or greenish yellow, which is harder to see in opaque plastic coolant reservoirs. This makes it easier to check and maintain coolant levels with IceFlow. During the tests, we got some on our hands, and it felt like other coolants. Twin Air includes an IceFlow sticker for your radiator cap, and they also have IceFlow radiator caps in 1.8 bar and 2.0 bar for increased overheating protection. 


We off-road enthusiasts have been protecting our wheelers with Twin Air foam filters, cleaners and filter oil for decades, and now we can protect our engines’ cooling systems with Twin Air IceFlow high-performance coolant. It lowers peak and normal operating temperatures while protecting the cooling system from corrosion or water-pump seal damage. IceFlow even makes it easier to keep an eye on coolant levels. We found online prices for a 2.2-liter bottle for $27.86 to $30.95, and it’s also available in 20-liter jugs.


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