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By the staff of Dirt Wheels

You can purchase each item individually, or altogether, in UTV Grab Bag’s Recovery kit.

If you couldn’t tell by now, we are extremely fond of bringing along tools and items needed to keep us safe and out on the trails longer. Most UTVs have a bed where we can strap down our tools like the UTV Grab Bag Recovery kit. The bag comes with a few useful pieces to assist you in pulling you—or more likely a buddy’s rig—out of a bad situation or to tow a machine back to camp. This handy bag of goods sells for $69 and is a great addition to your off-road outings.

The rope and soft shackle weight rating is 11,000 pounds, which is far more than needed for UTVs.


When you order the Recovery kit, you get the option of a sturdy zip-up canvas tool bag in either black or green. The bag has four shackle pockets inside, along with two wide pockets on the outside and a carrying handle. With the bag, you get a 15-foot by 2-inch Recovery strap that is rated at a healthy 11,000 pounds of pulling strength. UTV Grab Bag also includes a softy 1/4-inch soft shackle with the same weight rating, and last, two 1/2-inch D-ring metal shackles. There is quite a bit of spare room left over in the canvas bag for more shackles and other towing equipment.

The steel shackles that come with the kit are very useful when attaching to tow hooks.


Most UTVs these days have tow hooks or hitch receivers on them, which makes connecting D-ring shackles and a tow rope easier. The soft shackle is perfect for tying to A-arms, roll cages and other parts of a UTV to get you out of a pinch if you don’t have a tow hook. The 1/2-inch shackles that come in the kit are strong and useful to help rig up the UTV Grab Bag tow rope to your machine or another. The rope is the perfect length for pulling your buddy’s rig back to camp behind you. This Recovery kit is well-priced and a great addition to your on-board tool setup! UTV Grab Bag also offers vehicle-mounted tow hooks, on-board air systems and more for UTVs, so check them out at www.utvgrabbag.com or call (801) 871-9138.

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