Made in the U.S. for the U.S. By the staff of Dirt Wheels


There are a lot of UTV tires on the market these days. There are certain tires we like for different terrains, and the Valor Alpha is aimed at users who ride anywhere from hard-packed and sandy desert terrain to loose gravel and mountain roads. While that’s also where we like to ride, what caught our attention is this tire is made in the U.S. So, to test out the Alpha, we mounted up a set and installed them on a RZR Pro XP and hit the trails. 

The Alphas are available in three sizes: 30×10-14 ($295), 32×10-15 ($315), 35×10-15 ($399). For this test we mounted up a set of the 32s on Valor Off-Road’s V02 dual-drilled wheels at $172 each. If you haven’t heard of this wheel, then pay close attention. The V02 has two different bolt patterns—4/136 (Can-Am/Honda) and 4/156—that fit Kawasakis, newer Yamahas, the Speed UTV and the Polaris RZR Pro XP, which we tested them on. The 32s fit great on the stock turbo RZR we put them under with no rubbing. The tire/wheel combo is a bit heavier than the stock setup, but it was nothing the high-horsepower machine couldn’t handle. 


We put over 300 miles on this test set of Valor Off-Road Alpha tires, and they outperformed our expectations. The additional weight helped keep the car planted on the loose gravel roads that we did a lot of riding on. Traction at 12 psi was predictable all through our forest test.

 When we brought the RZR into the desert, we increased the air pressure to 15 on all four corners. We zigzagged through lots of rocky terrain, putting the sidewalls to the test. Although we saw only a little wear on the knobbies, after a handful of rides, we never had a puncture. 

They worked well on hardpack and were decent in the sand, as long as you kept your speeds up. With an 8-ply radial carcass; a mildly aggressive, slow-wearing tread pattern; and overall great handling, the Alpha is one of our new favorite all-around tires for high-horsepower UTVs. We can safely estimate we should get 2500 miles out of this tire easy! So, the tires are as tough as they look, and you can be tough, too, with the Valor Alphas tires. ο

PRICE: $295–$399


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