High-end vision and comfort at an affordable price

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Viral Brand Precision Optics has been working for years to become a game-changer in the off-road goggles segment, and they have two patents pending on their line of the latest and most innovative goggles on the market. Viral Brand’s 2023 Signature + Series, Signature Series and low-cost Alpha Series all feature Viral’s new injection-molded Precision Optic PC UV400 lens with metal tear-off posts and 10 contact points with the customizable frame, giving the rider the widest peripheral view (209mm) in the industry. Dirt Wheels evaluated the Signature + goggles in March of 2023, and the $99.99 smoked lens Signature + and $129.99 Revo mirrored lens are impressive (there is also a $139.99 version with 50mm Roll-Offs), and we’ve spent months with the entry-level Alpha Series goggles as well.


All Viral-series goggles have the same quick-change lens and frame with quick-change 50mm strap outriggers, and the frames are designed to provide a perfect fit with no pressure points. The Polarized UV400 lenses are also hard-coated, no-fog, and anti-scratch with six single-pane and six dual-pane snow lens options. Lenses can quickly be changed by sliding the lock on the left of the Flex Fit frame and pulling up at the center. The nose guard and outriggers are quick-change and can be mixed and matched, and there are 20 different straps, including camouflage. There is also a clip that replaces the nose guard and prevents dust intrusion.

Signature + Series goggles feature quick-change magnetic face foam with five color choices. So far, Viral has 15mm, 18mm and 20mm face-foam thicknesses for a custom fit, and dual-pane snow goggles have 20mm and 25mm foam. Signature and Alpha Series goggles have glued-on, triple-layer 15mm face foam with moisture-transfer holes, and the frame has a built-in sweat channel and channels for eyeglasses. All Viral Series goggles have a 50mm sublimated strap with a non-slip silicone backside, and every frame is Over-the-Glasses (OTG) compatible. We wore the Alpha Series goggles first with several different helmets, and the OTG goggles pretty much took up the whole face port on every helmet we tested.


After six months of riding and driving in all sorts of conditions with the Viral Alpha Series goggles, we have yet to scratch the smoked lens, nor has it fogged up in rainy and cold weather. Fit is excellent, with the wide strap and outriggers distributing pressure evenly. The face foam is comfortable and wicks away sweat, and the optics of the lens are outstanding. The Alpha’s smoked lens does a great job of cutting low-sun glare, and it’s not too dark in shade and low-light conditions. Vision in low-light conditions is crystal clear, so we never felt the need to change to the clear lens on rainy rides. We learned how to change the lens quickly and change straps as well. After a couple of rides, we replaced the nose guard with the supplied clip, which was a bit harder to do than the lens and strap, but the clip prevents dust intrusion into the frame when the nose guard is removed. We’ve ridden in heavy dust with the Alpha, and some dust has gotten inside of the lens, but not as much as with other goggles.

During testing, we had a chance to compare the Alpha to the new Klim Rage OTG goggles, which actually are the same price as the Signature + goggles with the standard smoked lens. Viral’s quick-change lens system is much easier to use,, and the 10 mating points with the frame are much more positive and secure. The Rage frame only captures their curved lens on the sides, and we had trouble operating the latch with cold fingers. On one ride, we had the lens pop loose on the opposite side from the latch. We also scratched the Rage lens when wiping away rain drops, and doing so with the Alpha goggles hasn’t resulted in any scratches. While comfort is high with the Alpha, we’re most impressed with the clarity and toughness of the lens. Peripheral vision is excellent. We also rode in rain with Viral tear-offs, and vision with 10 tear-offs was as crisp as with no tear-offs. 


All in all, the Viral Alpha Series goggle is are impressive with its great fit, feel, style and versatile anti-fog polarized lens. It provides a lot of comfort and performance for only $49.99, and all of the options provide a lot of customization. Face-foam options are black, orange, neon, red and pink, and you can also customize the outrigger color. Our only complaint is that, if your helmet has a loose fit, it moves the Alpha goggles on your face and is distracting. We’ve tested other OTG goggles, and most of them take up the whole face port on most full-face helmets. Helmets are supposed to be snug, though, so it’s more of an issue with the helmet and not the goggles. Viral has been in business for eight years now, and the new 2023 Signature/Alpha Series goggles reflect those eight years of evolution and innovation. Their injection-molded, hard-coated, no-fog lens is well worth the $49.99, and the frame is every bit as high-tech as the optics. Replacement lenses start at $21.99, straps are $21.99, and the Alpha/Signature Series Roll-Off system lens is $65.99. Tear-offs start at $10.99, and a 14-pack is $29.99.

Viral also has a risk-free trial for the Alpha/Signature Series goggles. Within 30 days, if you don’t feel that the fit isn’t the best in the industry, Viral Brand will refund your purchase price, no questions asked! 

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