— PRODUCT TEST: The Clear Vision kit —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels: 

The Pro 3 Goggle will fit in the eye port of vitually, any motocross helmet.

Speed comes with practice, but it also comes with wearing the right gear to ride fast. Clear vision is crucial to fast lap times, and the Viral Brand understands this fact, so they offer their Factory Series PRO 3 goggle kit. This kit retails for $74.99 and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to comfort and quality. We picked up a few sets, handed them out to our test riders and gathered the data to provide this test!


Viral Brand is quite proud of the PRO 3 goggle. They claim that it is the most comfortable goggle with the best fit that you could wear. They are so sure of this fact that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We can’t exactly say they are correct in their opinion, but none of our test riders wanted to give the goggle back, so that is saying something.

The frame is made from thermoplastic polyurethane; VB calls it their “Flex Frame Design.” Attached to the PRO 3 frame are four layers of foam that are different thicknesses. The first is a polyurethane base foam, then a high-density neoprene foam for fit, a large-cell polyurethane foam, and last a soft micro-fleece layer that wicks away sweat. The goggle strap has silicone bands on the inside to reduce strap slippage on your helmet. The pre-installed tinted lens comes with tear-off posts already installed.

In the Factory Series PRO 3 goggle kit, you get a removable nose guard, a standard tinted lens, as well as a clear replacement, a 10-pack of tear-offs and a goggle bag. You can purchase replacement tear-offs for $14.99 for a 20-pack. A roll-off-type film system retails for $37.99, and you can get a replacement pack of five films for $12.


Our test riders got to keep their goggles, and they were very happy about that fact since they all agreed that the PRO 3 was one of the most comfortable pairs they have worn. The frame flexes well to help contour to your face while you ride, and the 14mm of face foam is comfortable and helps keep the dirt and dust out. The goggle didn’t tend to fog up often, which means the ventilation is pretty spot-on. At first we thought the price might have been a little steep for a goggle that is new to the industry, but after we spent hours riding with the PRO 3, our minds were changed and we feel they are worth the price.

Viral Brand offers their Factory Series, Snow Series and Vincitore Series of goggles, so you have multiple options to choose from. The PRO 3 comes in multiple colors, and you can check out the full lineup of Viral Brand products on!

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