Wicked Products  +2 inch A-arms are well built and fully adjustable for caster and camber. We installed a set on our Raptor 700R and were pleased to find they allowed us to use the stock shockers and get our front end working better than ever.

One thing you want to make sure you do with any modification is to get your money’s worth out of whatever you are purchasing. While aftermarket replacement A-arms have proven they can get the job done by providing a wider, more stable handling platform for your recreational ATV. They usually require that you also invest in a new set of very expensive shock absorbers to get the maximum benefit from the extended width.

The folks at Wicked Products have labored to make a set of replacement A-arms that not only give you a wider, and thus more stable handling quad, but they also have done it using the existing shocks on the machine. To see how these +2 inch wider A-arms perform, we bolted them onto the front end of an ’06 Yamaha Raptor 700R.

By installing our Wicked +2 inch A-arms, we were able to make our Raptor a total of four inches wider, making it much more stable on high-speed, whooped-out terrain, as well as through the corners.

The Raptor’s stock A-arms are a bit spindly-looking and short for high speed off-road racing or aggressive trail riding. With the +2 inch wider Wicked A-arms we were able to stretch out our Raptor an additional four inches wider (2+2=4). Caster and camber are adjustable on these A-arms. Our Wicked A-arms came with upper and lower arms, longer tie-rods, (you use  stock tie rod ends) and bolts, all for a suggested retail price of $450. The A-arms are preassembled, and come with Delrin bushings and upgraded ball joints.
We wanted to improve the overall handling on our machine, but not necessarily have to invest thousands of dollars worth of suspension mods just to make it work right. Wicked Racing assured us that they have a solution for the budget-conscious rider wanting to make use of their stock suspension, yet still enjoy the benefits of their wider A-arms.
They sent us a set of their latest chromoly A-arms, painted silver, to match our Raptor 700R’s paint scheme. They will powedercoat the A-arms in a wide variety of colors to suit your particular machine. The Wicked A-arms looked great, have neat welds, and easily bolted on in place of our stockers.
We were even able to utilize the stock Raptor brake lines, saving the cost of installing replacement longer brake lines. There are no mounts on the Wicked A-arms (or any other aftermarket A-arms, for that matter) for mounting the stock brake line clamps, though. We used zip ties and made our own mounts for the lines. Problem solved. Wicked does recommend an upgrade for the A-arms that uses stainless-steel braided lines ($75 for their steel braided brake line kit).

After getting the A-arms mounted, we bolted on our stock Raptor front shocks. We dialed the shocks’ up a couple of clicks on the pre-load to allow for the wider front end, and then took them out to a fast and rough practice track to see how they felt.
Our Raptor 700R’s front end was much improved over stock. The machine handled high-speed, rough straights, much more stable than before, and turned easily. Steering was smooth and predictable, and the front end stuck much better in the corners.
All this using the stock Raptor shocks, with the pre-load adjusted slightly stiffer. Yamaha Raptor owners looking to improve their machine’s high speed handling traits, and make their machine corner better, will be pleased with the Wicked +2 A-arms. They also carry a wide variety of replacement pro arms.

CONTACT: Wicked Products 131 Cranberry Rd. Billings, MO 65610, (417) 695-2124

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