— Yamaha knows best, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

Shopping at the source for quality parts can sometimes be better than searching online for countless hours. Take Yamaha Genuine Parts, for example. Yamaha builds their UTVs and ATVs to be of the best and meet every quality standard possible. To do this, they spend countless hours and dollars to make it happen. Besides, they built the car and put in the R&D, so they know a thing or two about what they build. If they can’t do it better than an aftermarket company, they will bring them on board so that they can get their products out to the masses via the Yamaha Genuine Parts list.

We had the opportunity to test a handful of products on our 2017 YXZ1000R SS race build. After installing everything, we can see why many customers stick with Yamaha for their parts.

The Desert front bumper gave our YXZ a great, new look and offers much more protection than the OE unit.



The Yamaha Genuine Parts team worked to build this great front bumper. It’s made from durable, welded steel sheet and tube. It’s designed to protect the front of the YXZ from rocks, trees, branches and other debris. It’s only offered in black, and the Yamaha part number is 2HC-F84L0-V0-00.

This bumper is very lightweight, and we mounted it up in minutes to the stock bumper location. After destroying the stock bumper during other races and knowing that we needed a stronger one to possibly do more “bumping” during the next race, we were confident in this genuine product from Yamaha. It protects much more of the machine and has higher clearance so it doesn’t encounter obstacles.

The center-mount mirror from Assault Industries offers great viewing coverage, even when we were strapped in with the harness belts.



Yamaha and Assault Industries teamed up to provide Yamaha Genuine Parts customers with this strong and durable center-mount mirror. The mirror itself is made from a high-strength polymer, while the 1.5-inch bracket is made from billet aluminum.

It was simple to install inside of the car on our Houser Racing cage. It utilizes two bolts that tighten up to the other side of the bracket, which gives it a tight fit. The mirror has a rotating ball that we threaded into the billet bracket. We then tightened the lock nut, ensuring the mirror couldn’t back itself out. Two bolts on the back of the mirror were then tightened so the mirror will only move with the force from our hands.

The Assault mirror was a much-needed accessory. Once we strapped into our Simpson five-point harness, we couldn’t rotate our heads easily anymore while backing up. Plus, we could now see our competition behind us. It only comes in black, and the Yamaha part number is B85-F6206-V0-00.


When the YXZ is new, the rear end is left without protection. Installing their rear grab bar added protection for the Akrapovic exhaust system and the frame rails.


REAR GRAB BAR: $235.99

Yamaha also makes this trick rear bumper for YXZ models. Since the YXZ doesn’t come stock with a rear bumper, this is a perfect addition. It’s made from 0.08-inch-wall steel tubing and sheet metal. It extends down the frame tube for additional coverage. It comes in black or white, and the Yamaha part number is 2HC-F85E0-V0-00.

Mounting was easily done with its three mounting points, which made it stronger than a woodpecker’s beak. If we were hit from behind, the car would be fine. We mounted the two lower bolts quickly, then mounted the U-brackets with the four bolts, nuts and washers.

Altogether, we had a much more solid race platform that enhanced our ability to race more safely, and that is all thanks to these great products provided by Yamaha Genuine Parts.

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