More clean, less work By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Yamaclean Pro-Wash cleans away dirt stains, grimy oil residue and bird droppings with less scrubbing than regular detergents.

Many UTV and ATV enthusiasts are as proud of their machines’ appearance as any vehicle owner. The difference is, we ride in the dirt, which means our machines need washing more often, and cleaning them is more challenging. Yamalube’s Yamaclean Pro-Wash spray is designed to clean well with less effort than common detergent, so we were eager to see how it performs. 


A strong cleaner is no help if it destroys what you use it on, so we were glad to learn Yamaha says their Yamalube Pro-Wash spray is safe for all Yamaha UTVs, ATVs, golf cars, motorcycles, boats, WaveRunners, snowmobiles and generators. With all the materials and finishes used in that list of machines and how well Yamaha tests its products, we had no worries using it on any ATV or UTV. The cleaner is also non-corrosive and biodegradable, so it’s nice to the environment. A 32-ounce bottle with sprayer is $9.99, about the same as other premium vehicle cleaners. You can also get it in gallon jugs in concentrate form for $29.99. When mixed with water, the gallon of concentrate makes 2 gallons of cleaner, so the savings is considerable.


Yamaha recommends testing Pro-Wash on small, less visible locations when using the product on any surface for the first time. You should also let surfaces cool to ambient temperature and rinse off heavy mud before applying the cleaner. When you spray an area for cleaning, allow 2–5 minutes for the product to penetrate, scrub dirt- or oil-stained areas, and rinse well. Don’t let Pro-Wash dry on surfaces.

If you clean your machine often, the gallon of Pro-Wash concentrate is a good buy. It makes 2 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water.


We have a lot of experience with a variety of cleaners because we’ll use whatever is handy. We use car wash soap, dish detergent and motorsports cleaning products when we have them. Good results on a variety of dirt types is what makes Yamalube’s Pro-Wash and other good motorsports cleaners worth the cost. You don’t need multiple cleaners to remove all the dirt or have to rewash stubborn dirty areas as much.

Dirt stains, grimy oil residue and bird droppings clean away with less scrubbing than with regular detergents. After drying, water spots are also less of a problem with Pro-Wash, too. Pro-Wash hasn’t harmed a thing we’ve used it on, including seats, paint, instrument faces and all sorts of bodywork plastic.


Pro-Wash spray cleaner speeds the washing process and brings good results, which makes it worth the  price. Even so, the savings of using the gallon of concentrate makes sense if you wash multiple machines or large vehicles like UTVs often. You can find  Yamalube Yamaclean Pro-Wash at Yamaha dealers and here:

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