Loving a good rear view By the staff of Dirt Wheels

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that seeing what’s going on behind you is important. Even forward-thinkers need to look back occasionally. That is especially true if you have a friend following or just need to back up. On our Can-Am Maverick Sport we mounted an old automotive mirror to the center of the front roll bar to fill in the backward blanks. It worked great until we added a spare-tire carrier above the bed. After that addition, a set of side mirrors were our only option.

There are tons of mirrors available, but finding a set that doesn’t have flimsy mounting brackets, interfere with a front windshield, or crack the first time a tree branch jumps into the trail and slaps them is a little harder to find.


Enter Extreme Metal Products folding side mirrors for the Maverick Sport. We’ve been using a set for about a year now without any failures. They’ve been smacked by branches at speed and simply folded back without destroying the mirror. The housing is constructed from tough ABS plastic. The mirror side has a slight convex shape to provide a large field of view. The laser-cut mounting brackets bolt directly to the Maverick’s roll cage using the OEM bolt holes. This design, unlike clamp-on brackets, doesn’t interfere with the windshield, which seats in a recess in the roll cage. The pivot is a cast-aluminum ball joint that can be adjusted to select the amount of pressure needed to fold the mirror back.

Even though we have hit the mirrors at times, they tuck in well and look good with our trail build.


We simply carried a socket to fine-tune the tension on the pivot. We wanted tension that allowed folding for branch hits but prevented losing position after high-speed G-outs. The large 7 1/4- by 5 1/2-inch mirror provides a good rear view even with our extended fender flares. They come in a set of two—one for the driver’s side and another for the passenger side. If you do break one mirror, you can buy a single replacement without buying the whole mirror set.

The Can-Am Sport cage is profiled for a windshield. The EMP brackets make sure that a windshield fits with the mirrors.


We know better than to say these mirrors won’t break, because rocks and tree trunks always win in a shoving match. We can say that after a year’s worth of trail use our EMP mirrors are holding up very well. The mirrors are a reasonable $64.99 a set (including brackets). Contact 

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