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HMF DEFENDER BUMPERS.  Let’s say you decided to spend your hard-earned coin on an expensive UTV to hit prime trails with your buddies. You might be thinking that the best upgrades for your prized off-roader would be some power mods, and HMF Engineering can certainly help you out with that.

However, don’t you think protecting your investment is the smart move? We do, so we picked out a set of HMF’s Defender bumpers to outfit a brand-new 2020 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S.



HMF’s Defender bumper line for the RZR includes the $279.95 LT front bumper. Since this RZR will be spending its time mainly in the open desert, we didn’t feel the U4 winch-ready bumper was needed. The LT is made out of .095-inch steel tubing that can be ordered powder coated in Red, Black or White.

It mounts directly to your RZR’s frame and has mounting holes for LED lights on top. You can choose to order the LT with a skid plate that has a 6-inch Fair Lead cutout or solid, and the skid plate comes in black.

Not all RZRs will allow this bumper while using a stock winch mounting location, so check with HMF on what will work for your machine. The LT weighs in at 24 pounds, so you won’t be affecting the suspension with such a small weight addition to the front end.

Left: HMF designed their front Defender bumper to fit snug against the RZR body.

The rear of the RZR XP 4 Turbo S was garnished with HMF’s Defender $299.95 rear bumper. It is made with the same steel and color options as their front version but covers a lot more of the machine. The bumper extends out to cover the rear plastics and the exhaust.

Fortunately, HMF designed the Defender to work with a stock or HMF exhaust. It mounts to the frame with two mounting bars up top and directly to the bottom on either side of the radius-rod mounting plate. 

Installing the rear bumper is much easier with two people. You don’t need an aftermarket exhaust to run the Defender rear bumper.



You never know what can happen while driving or racing off-road. You could hit trees, rocks or other competitors that could damage a stock machine easily and possibly put your ride out of commission. HMF makes their Defender lineup to protect many front and rear ends from different ATV and UTV manufacturers’ lineups.

This set for the Polaris RZR wasn’t difficult to install, and the instructions were very clear and easy to understand. The most difficult part will be convincing your buddy to help hold the bumpers while you bolted them onto your ride. Go to to view their performance exhaust systems and the rest of their off-road equipment. You can order through their site or call (216) 631-6980.

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