A great flag mount that folds By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This is the flag mount attached to a cage tube. The open-sided clamp makes the mounting quick and easy.

We should probably run a flag at all times on our sport UTVs, but we usually don’t unless we are headed someplace where they are required. Since we are routinely using a different machine when we head to the dunes, we are often running around searching for what we need to properly mount a flag. That should be over now that we have the Joker Machine billet Tri-Lock adjustable whip tube mount. Most whips come with a hollow 1/2-20 bolt for the whip to slide through. When you tighten the hardware, it compresses and holds the whip. Factory roll cages rarely have a flag-mount tab. The Joker mount uses a single Allen bolt to clamp the $99.95 mount to any 1.5-inch cage or bumper tube.

To fold the flag out of the way, you simply pull the knob and rotate the flag.


The precision-made clamp mounts quickly and easily. It is threaded for the 1/2-20 bolt, so it requires no nut or washers, but we used a flat and a lock washer. A spring-loaded pull-pin lets the mount tab rotate 90 degrees to the front and rear. The pull-pin locks the mount in the center. Just pull the pin to fold the flag out of the way. We used a zip-tie to hold the folded flag on an open trailer.

The clamp mount is easy to mount to cage or bumper tubes. If your machine does have a mounting tab, Joker sells a folding mount for that for $79.95. Much of the expense is in machining the folding part, so Joker sells a solid-mount tube clamp for $44.95. Joker Machine products are made in the USA.


We’re very impressed with the quality of the Joker Machine clamp. This isn’t a new idea, but it is one executed extremely well. It mounted very quickly and was very easy to fold and erect. This clamp will definitely take the pain out of mounting a flag to our machines. For more information on the flag mounts, visit

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