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Viral has recently branched out and started using distributers around the world to get its goggles to more people. For 2023 especially, the brand focuses on specific features that many goggles are missing. When people buy an expensive goggle they expect to be able to replace lenses and tear-offs for at least a few years. As Viral enters its eighth year in business it’s nice to see it made it through the pandemic era and is continuing to push ahead making a quality product.


The fit of the Signature + frame in our helmet’s opening was on par with any of the upper echelon goggles we’ve tested. In the side of the frame, pass-through cut-outs for eyeglass stems allow most prescription eyeglasses to fit inside the goggle.


We’ve tested goggles with lenses so delicate that just cleaning them will cause scratches. For the price of this goggle, we expected a lot, and we got it. We’ve put roughly 20 hours on the one we’ve been testing. We tried to keep it protected and clean
using a standard cloth meant for cleaning goggle lenses. That said, the original lens has remained scratch-free. Viral uses lens specialist REVO’s coated lenses in the highest- end Signature + goggle, but we used the less expensive version with the standard smoke lens. It was ideal for the daytime desert riding we did. As for the field of view, we never felt like our

peripheral view was limited, which is key and what you’d expect from a goggle of this price. No-fog technology aids clarity of the lenses. We are happy to report they do not fog up easily and rival any brand we’ve tested in that department.


You can replace just about every component of the goggle including the quick-change strap and face foam! The face-foam frame that contacts your face is magnetically attached to the main frame and can be removed for cleaning or be replaced. For the replacement face foam, you have a choice of five colors and three sizes! The Signature goggle frame is all-new for 2023, but only the Signature + (with or without REVO mirrored lens) has the magnetic face foam. All Signature hard-coated precision optics lenses are injected-molded. Molded lenses are optically better than stamped lenses.

Signature Series quick-change lenses have nine lock-points to ensure the lens stays put. Nice peace of mind when dealing with flying roost, rocks and tree branches. You’ll want to take your time learning how to install and remove the lens, though, because it can be slightly confusing initially. A locking mechanism of some sort is something we would like to see on more brands, so kudos to Viral for that feature. The lenses also offer UV400 protection and metal tear-off posts.You can have multiple straps if you want to replace one on a wet day or have one to replace while the other is in the wash. Viral
offers up to 20 different color straps.


Signature Series + goggles with the REVO mirror lens are $129.99, but our goggle with the standard smoked lens is $99.99 Both have magnetic face foam. A Signature Series goggle with the smoked lens and fixed face foam runs $69.99. There is an Alpha Series goggle that is $49.99. We felt the strap coming loose on us. It simply starts to loosen
up over the course of a long ride. We found that to be inconvenient but not a deal breaker. Unique features, comfort and field of view put these high on our list of premier goggles. On top of all that they offer an awesome carrying case. You can
put up to four pairs in with dividers for each goggle and
compartments for tear-offs and cleaning supplies.

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