Eventually, everyone will want new tires on their UTVs, and when they do, there is always the question of, which ones do I buy? A lot of factors come into play when choosing the right tires to better suit your driving style and terrain. Recently, we tested a set of the AMS Radial Pro on an Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport 700. We decided to mount the front 26x9R12 and rear 26x11R12 tires on the stock rims. The Radial Pro is a DOT-approved, eight-ply, directional tire with staggered V-shaped lugs in the center and wrap over the edges of the tires to the sidewall. This tread pattern works well in all types of terrain, from sand washes, rocky trails to smooth dirt roads. The traction is very predictable and in control, and you don’t have that sliding-around, wondering-when-it-will-finally-grab feeling with these tires. During our test we tried a few different tire-pressure combinations and found that on our lightweight Arctic Cat Wildcat, the less pressure we ran, the more tire flex we got, which was good in rocky areas.


For our testing, we started out with 20 psi and then dropped down to 14 psi on our desert loop. We could go lower to 10 psi if we were in need of more traction. The eight-ply carcass is a lot firmer and heavier than the stock Carlisle four-ply tires. Being a 700cc engine in the Wildcat, you can feel the difference in acceleration in loose terrain. It still got up to top speed, but it would take a little longer to get there. These tires handled great on hardpacked roads with a smooth ride and didn’t feel like they wanted to wander around on you. The DOT (Department of Transportation) approval allows you to use these tires on streets if you’re in a state that allows highway use. Pricing starts around $120 per tire for the Radial Pro. The tire compound doesn’t wear quickly, which ensures a long life. AMS is the in-house brand for Parts Unlimited, and nearly every accessory shop carries their products. If you want to check out the full line of products from AMS, go to www.amstires.com to find a local dealer.


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