PRODUCT TEST: Just 1’s J12 Mister X Helmet

Helmet manufacturers are certainly not few and far between in the offroad world. There are hundreds of great lids to choose from for different styles of riding. Manufacturers make full-face helmets, lids with pull-down visors and some come with built-in communication systems. Just 1’s J12 Mister X helmet is a great full-face helmet that is packed with technology. It is lightweight, has aggressive styling and is very protective due to its advanced carbon design.


The style and color of a helmet won’t protect your head from a crash, but it will help motivate you to wear one. The J12 Mister X incorporates those factors and comes with a great line of protection. The Just 1 is made with a fully carbon fiber shell to reduce weight, weighing in at 2.2 pounds and provides rigidity. There is a protective inner polystyrene shell that adds to the strength of the carbon fiber outer layer, which will help soak up any hard hits that might occur to the lid. The angles designed in the helmet’s shell provide strength as well. Just 1 incorporated their J.1.E.R system into the Mister X, which are emergency removable cheek pads. They have a short strap on the end of each pad that can be pulled to quickly release them in case of an unfortunately bad tumble.


The Mister X by Just 1 helmets is crafted with an aggressive look, has great air venting and is very comfortable. Our tester liked how well the helmet fit that he uses it as his main riding lid. The protective chin piece has five air vents to help keep your face cool in any riding condition. The inner protective foam shell has slots in it for better airflow as well. The outer shell holds four vents above the goggle opening, and another six vents are on the back of the helmet. The padding of the Just 1 is fully removable and washable. The one downside to the Mister X is that you can’t adjust the visor on the fly. In order to do so, you have to remove a plate and five screws to make a change in its position. On the upside, the chin piece of the Just 1 was designed to fit many different styles of neck braces, which we enjoy since protection is very important to the Dirt Wheels crew.

If you are looking for a helmet with great protection, radical styling and has a comfortable fit, then the Just 1 J12 Mister X is a solid choice. It has great airflow for hot days and still keeps your head warm during the colder ones. The Mister X line comes in a multitude of colors. Whether it’s Carbon Orange or Solid White, the graphics look great. For a price of $399–$449, the Just 1 Mister X helmet is worth the investment to protect your head.

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