PRODUCT TEST: Modquad Doors

According to our reader surveys, UTV owners install doors more than any other aftermarket part, including tires. It’s the first component most owners install after the initial purchase. There are a handful of wellknown companies making a fortune outfitting all the UTVs that come stock without them. We have used many brands over the years, and one recent install with Modquad products was so clean and easy, we wanted to share it with you.


We installed the pair of Modquad doors on our Polaris RZR S 900. They open in suicide fashion (from the front) and mount solidly and quickly. The doors are made of lightweight aluminum tubing, with thin panels filling in the gap. You can get the panels with or without small decorative cutouts along the top. The doors retail for $650 and fit most RZRs. In fact, the pair we installed were actually going to be used on our RZR 1000, but we ended up using Polaris’ $400 plastic door bottoms instead on that machine.

Along with the benefit of closing in the cabin of our RZR, these doors worked better than factory equipment. The hinges of the door at the rear of the car mounted to existing hardware, and they close using the stock latches. If you haven’t tried them, the stock RZR latch that comes standard on the 1000 and some 900s is the best we have seen on any UTV. It opens with a push of a large pad button. The spring is light and the catch is instant, providing zero fuss. Like the stockers, these doors open easily when standing out of the car with a quick squeeze.

It takes about the same amount of time to mount the latch on the Modquad doors as it does to mount the frame and bolt in the side panel. The entire installation of both doors takes just over an hour.

Out on the trails there is very little vibration or shaking and no annoying rattles. The door hardware is slotted, so lining things up is quick and easy, and there is no worry about stripped or side-wise bolts during the install. Each door weighs under 10 pounds, so the extra pounds is masked by the security they bring to both occupants.

We have put over 1500 miles on this RZR in Baja and raced it three times with the doors installed, and they are handling the punishment extremely well. We have never had them pop open unexpectedly like other brands’ products sometimes have. The hardware has stayed tight, and there are no signs of fading or age.

If you have a RZR and are in need of a quality set of doors to finish it off, check out the Modquad products. In terms of quality, they are as good as anything out there if not better. We especially like how simple they are to open and how solidly they stay shut.

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