GEAR GRINDER: PRP Pro Steering Stabilizer

Precision Racing Products has a stable foot in the ATV world. They manufacture steering products, like anti-vibration bar clamps, but steering stabilizers are their specialty. We got our hands on their Pro Steering Stabilizer and installed it on our Dirt Wheels Yamaha YFZ450R. Whether you are out racing or riding recreationally, this stabilizer enhances handling and provides a safer ride.

The handling on the YFZ450R works very well out of the box. The steering works better than the Honda TRX450R and Kawasaki’s KFX450R. However, there is always a product that can help improve how a machine handles. While the steering of the Yamaha works well in stock trim, we wanted to find out the difference in handling by installing a stabilizer. Keeping the handlebars straight in rough terrain can be difficult on any stock ATV. The YFZ’s steering is smooth and easy to manage. Whether you ride track, the woods or in the desert, the Yamaha tackles terrain with a controllable feel. However, like any stock ATV, the machine can be hard to handle in the rough stuff. While the YFZ can be ridden fast over whoop sections, the bars can change direction on you. Riding over larger rocks can turn the bars on you if you don’t expect the impact. While a stabilizer is not a needed aftermarket part, it provides great steering benefits that
give you a better peace of mind while riding. It helps keep the bars pointed where you want them.

The Pro Steering Stabilizer by Precision Racing Products comes with a mount that is designed to fit on your specific ATV. Installation on the YFZ was simple. We turned the handlebars all the way to the right as instructed and slid the stabilizer with the attached mount into place. Using the two brackets and four bolts that come in the kit, we tightened down the stabilizer onto the machine. Next, we connected the clamp that runs off of the Pro Steering Stabilizer to the steering stem and the install was complete. Without riding the ATV, we could instantly feel the stabilizer working. Adjusting the center and side settings of the Pro Steering Stabilizer is simple. There are two adjustment knobs that can be changed by hand or a flat-blade screwdriver while standing in front of  the machine. In comparison GPR’s $449 ATV steering stabilizer works well and can be purchased with a handlebar control, but it does not have the specific and precise adjustability that the Pro Steering Stabilizer has. Precision Racing Products’ Standard stabilizer costs less than the Pro at $485, but the inner mechanics do not damp as well as their Pro stabilizer. The center setting is used for changing how tight you want the stabilizer, between a half turn of the bars from center in each direction. The side setting adjusts how tight or loose the steering is from a half turn of the handlebars to lock in each direction. If you want your machine to turn easier in the tight stuff, keep your side setting looser, and if you want more stability going fast, tighten up the center to the specifications on the manual that comes with the Pro Steering Stabilizer.

We took our YFZ450R out to one of our riding areas that contains many types of terrain to test the Pro Steering Stabilizer. The difference between riding without the stabilizer and with it was very noticeable. Going fast over whoops, sand and rocks was smoother and easier with it installed. The bars stayed straighter through most of the terrain we rode over, and the suspension took more of the abuse than our test riders’ hands and arms did. Taking turns was also easier; the rear of the quad could be pitched hard into a corner, and the stabilizer helped counteract the back end from sliding too far around. The control we now had over the YFZ was improved. Our test riders’ lap times were faster on the track, and they felt they had more control over the ATV with PRP’s Pro Steering Stabilizer. You can pick one up for $559 at or call (209) 365-1850.

APEX MINI: 50-100
EFI 400/500/550/700, Thundercat
CAN-AM: DS450, DS650, Outlander
500/650/800, Renegade 800
DRR: 50, 70, 90
KFX700, Brute Force
KTM: 450SX/XC, 505SX/XC, 525SX/
POLARIS: Predator 500/525, Outlaw
500/525, Outlaw 2009 450, 500, 525
YAMAHA: Blaster, Raptor 250,
Raptor 700R, YFZ450, YFZ450R/X
WALSH: Hybrid

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