TUESDAY TREAD: RP Advanced Delta FX Sand Tire

rp1_Dune-Tire_3QTR_5373In the January 2015 issue, right before the start of the winter dune season, we featured a buyer’s guide for UTV sand tires. One brand and style that stood out the most was the military-spec RP Advanced Delta FX Dune tire. This tire package included paddles on all four tires instead of just in the rear. It makes sense to use tires like this now that every UTV is fourwheel drive.

Originally, the tire was developed for Special Forces operations in sandy parts of the world where the light tactical vehicles were used. Basically, the tire was put on these units to get through deep sand when needed and for travel on hardpacked roads as well. To do this, the tire has offset V-paddles with a hard rib running down the center. That center rib becomes useful when you are traveling on hardpack or pavement. The four-ply Delta FX tires are available in 27×10-14  ($188) and 27×13-14 ($195) sizes. Those prices are actually a little less than the MSRP of some of the name-brand sand tires of this size, like ones from EFX and GMZ.

Once the public started hearing about the tire, the guys at RP Advanced, who were also enthusiasts, started offering the product for sale. Recently, we headed to the Oregon Dunes where the tire was developed and took a spin on a military-spec Can-Am Maverick to try them out.

RP Advanced Delta FX
RP Advanced Delta FX

It took about 10 seconds to see why the enthusiasts at the Oregon Dunes would like a tire like this. Here, you typically stage on an asphalt parking lot or at a camp area that is some distance away from the dunes. If you have ever rode a typical paddle tire on the street, you know it is a very bumpy ride and it rips up your paddles.

On the hard stuff, the Delta FX Dune tires rolled very smooth. You literally could not feel the paddle ribs if you drove in a straight line. In the sand, hook-up was great. It almost felt like riding on knobbies in really good soil. Take-off was smooth, and you couldn’t feel any excessive pull from the front tires going through the steering wheel.

When we stood on the throttle, again, hook-up was good. We had a little wheelspin, but it started moving forward instead of digging down. We thought there might be some sand kick-up off of the front tires, but there was none. Even when carving hard through the dunes, we never had sand enter the cab and land on our laps.

Having scoops on the front-drive wheels as well as in the rear made the Maverick drive as well as it would—if not better—than if it had taller rear paddles. Sure, if you were drag racing with a high-horsepower motor you might want taller paddles, but for the dune exploring we like to do, we love the way the four-tire setup of the Delta FX Dune tires. They track perfectly, side-hill very well and float as good as anything out there. The added feature of the center rib for hardpacked travel is a feature we think many riders will appreciate as we did.

To order the RP Advanced Delta FX Dune tires or one of their run-flat knobby tires, contact them directly at (503) 434-6845 or simply buy online at www.shop.rpams.com. Tell them Dirt Wheels magazine sent ya.


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