Sector Seven came onto the market with a unique, lighted side-view mirror product that’s built in the U.S. and turned a few heads for sure. The mirrors worked great by aiming two panels of LEDs straight ahead and slightly to the side of your machine. For comparison, they were brighter than our stock headlights on the high-beam setting but with a much wider field of view.  The lighted mirrors sell for $799. That’s actually way cheaper than a set of good billet mirrors and a 10-inch light bar.


The Sector Seven Navigator mirror has the widest optics of any billet UTV side-view mirror we have tested. It has a convex shape for great side views of the trail and vehicles further back.

This month we are looking at the more affordable Navigator mirrors from Sector Seven. At $399 a pair for the Navigator , it comes with Sector Seven’s adjustable mount that can be quickly installed on any tube from 1.25 to 2 inches in diameter. An ROPS bung mount for Polaris Rangers and Generals, Can-Am Defenders or special needs is also available for an additional $50. If you have a windshield, chances are the standard-adjustable clamp mount will still fit your new machines. The clamp is basically three-sided, making it flush with the tube circumference on one side, leaving room for windshields. 

Every Sector Seven mirror is made from 6061 billet aluminum and manufactured in the U.S. That fact alone makes it a winner to us.

We installed the pair of mirrors on our Honda Talon four-seater in under a minute. All you need is one 5mm Allen wrench to loosen and tighten one bolt, placing the clamps with a very secure fit. Once the clamp is positioned where you want it and tightened, one more Allen bolt cinches down the post connected to the swivel on a ball end used for fine-tuning. 

Sector Seven’s adjustable mount installs in seconds and works on tubing from 1 1/2–2 inches. A cage-bung mount is also available for those special projects. Contact them at (866) 466-4762 and tell them Dirt Wheels magazine sent you.


The ball swivel is very sturdy and does not move or vibrate from the position you set it in. However, if you do smack a tree or bush, the mirror will slide out of place instead of breaking. On the business side of the mirror, you have approximately 35 square inches of convex surface. So, looking behind you to back up on the trail or off the trailer gives you confidence. The mirror is super clear and very easy to see outside. Housing material is made of 6061 aluminum, and there is a removable bezel that you can paint or powdercoat on your own if you need it to match a color scheme you have going on your rig. The housing itself is black and machined, so no color options are available yet.

The Sector Seven Navigator mirrors are about $100 more per pair than some of their competitors. However, you do get a slightly wider surface area to view behind you, and that adjustable clamp is about as trick as it comes. In the long term, you could move this set of mirrors from car to car as long as you want, no matter what size tubing the ROPS is made out of. The clamps and mirrors (not the glass) come with a five-year warranty, so you know the pair will probably last through a few cars you might own. To buy this mirror set or to check out the lighted LED mirrors from Sector Seven, log on to or call (866) 466-4762, and tell them you read about the Navigator mirrors in Dirt Wheels magazine.

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