PRODUCT TEST: TCX Off-Road Driving Shoes

TCX has designed shoes for the street bike riders to wear for commuting around town without the need of changing shoes when you reach your destination. Now we all know that driving and riding are not the same thing, but we wanted to give these a test and see how they stood up to being used as a UTV driving shoe. We recently got our hands on—or should we say feet in—a few pairs of shoes from TCX. They might not be a racing-approved shoe yet, but for comfort and durability for the normal off-road enthusiast, they are perfect. The pairs of shoes we got to test are the X-Square Sport, X-Street and X-Rap Gore-Tex.


Of the three shoe models that we tested, they all felt like normal, everyday shoes. Each shoe has malleolus reinforcements, along with toe and heel reinforcements on the X-Street and X-Rap. Other features include waterproof material and high-wear-resistant rubber soles. Upon testing, we got in a few of our UTVs and logged numerous miles to see how comfortable these shoes from TCX really are. After hours of driving, our feet were very comfortable for what we were using them for. When walking on dirt terrain, these shoes provide adequate traction, preventing us from slipping around. The X-Square Sport have a racy look to them, and a great feel with the lacing system and Velcro band to keep them snug. The X-Square Sport retails for $109.95 and is available in colors black or black/white and come in size ranges from 3.5–13. The X-Rap Gore-Tex retails for $179.99–$229.99, depending on if you get waterproof or non-waterproof, and have a vintage high-top look. They are available in colors Anthracite/gray and brown/gray and U.S. sizes 3.5–13. The X-Street waterproof also features the vintage look and is available in the blue color with sizes 3.5–13 that retails for $149.99.


These shoes from TCX are a definite shoe to look into for a great all around shoe. Our test drivers all felt as if they had a normal shoe on while driving but with added support. We like the vintage look of the shoes and that you can also get them in a waterproof option. To check out the full lineup of TCX boots, go to or call (603) 292-6259

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