PRODUCT TEST: Vanilla Gorilla Skid Plate

Protecting the underbelly of your ATV frame is one of the best investments you can do. Another added bonus to having a full-belly skid is that it helps you slide over rocks and other obstacles that you may traverse over without any damage to your machine. When choosing a full-belly skid you have many options, from aluminum to poly skids. We tested a skid plate from Vanilla Gorilla for the steel-framed YFZ450 and wanted to share our findings. Vanilla Gorilla also has rear sprocket guards, case savers, mud plugs and other products.

This skid is made of 1/4-inch-thick ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene material. A wraparound front section adds further frame protection, helps stabilize the skid from moving and eliminates rattling. Covering the full length of the frame back to the shock linkage in the rear, this is one of the only skids to do this with one piece. Mounting hardware consists of stainless rubber-coated clamps and Nyloc nuts. Installation was fairly easy after we lubed the rubber clamps with WD-40 to help reduce friction. After hours of testing in harsh desert terrain containing rocks, bushes and sand washes our skid only suffered a small dent/knick near the middle edge by the foot peg.

For $85, it’s hard to find a full-belly skid anywhere. For comparison, an aluminum underbelly skid would set you back anywhere between $79 and $110. Weight-wise, the Vanilla Gorilla plastic plate weighs 2.12 pounds, half as much as its aluminum counterpart. The Vanilla Gorilla skid plate was a great addition to our old race quad, and we recommend it to anyone needing just a little more protection than the stocker provides.

At the time of our testing, the only available color was white, but now a black plate is also available. Vanilla Gorilla also has products for the Honda TRX450. Contact Vanilla Gorilla at (336) 608-8091.

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