In the last few features on Suzuki’s all-new Quadracer LT-R450, we have mentioned a little product called the Cherry Bomb. Developed by Yoshimura RandD (Suzuki’s racing development division) this little plug and play device is quite simple. What it does is access a different engine-mapping program that already exists in the quad’s ignition system.

Suzuki claims the Quadracer LT-R450 has an extra seven horsepower available if you remove the airbox lid and spark arrester. However, without the Cherry Bomb you can’t get it all. We have tested with and without out the Cherry Bomb and found a noticeable difference. The Cherry Bomb is a necessity.

To install the product, all you need to do is remove the front headlight, locate the empty plastic female wiring harness end and clip the Cherry Bomb in place. Then simply zip tie or tape (we do both) the Cherry Bomb onto the quad’s frame.

Installing the Cherry Bomb is basically like changing the pilot jet, main jet and needle on a standard carbureted quad, but without the guesswork of which jets to use or the mess of gas everywhere.


Yoshimura sells the $40 product for those who want to remove the stock spark arrester and airbox lid to access more of the Suzuki’s hidden power. Without the Cherry Bomb, the fuel injection system will compensate for normal trail riding but not extreme conditions. We found that if you are hard on the throttle, like in race conditions, the engine will starve for fuel and sometimes bog or bobble on the bottom end without the product.

The Cherry Bomb can also be used in conjunction with any aftermarket slip-on or full system exhaust. However, if you plan on doing any extensive modification to your engine, you will need to look into a more sophisticated programmable ignition unit. If you want the whole $7000 worth of Suzuki you paid for, you need to come up with another 40 clams and install the Cherry Bomb. It would be unwise not to. Contact Yoshimura RandD at (800) 634-9166 or on line by visiting

 To install the Cherry Bomb all you have to do is remove the headlight and locate the empty wiring plug and attach the device. Then we use either a zip-tie or tape to secure it to the quad’s frame. Heck, you can even use the Yoshimura sticker that comes in the package.

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