— Making them better for fast rides on tough mountain trails —

We were most impressed with Kombustion’s Tron X3 and the RZRTron project cars. Sure, they are showcase machines for the business, but they are built to be driven. They work well in an amazing range of conditions.


This is the second time that we have met the guys from Utah-based Kombustion Motorsports to have adventures in their personal machines. Sure, both of these vehicles are rolling calling cards for the popular UTV repair, build and hop-up company, but these are machines that have and will continue to be driven hard and often. Even better, they work like they are supposed to on the trail. We took both machines into the mountains on forest roads and trails in American Fork Canyon near Salt Lake City. We suspect that both machines would have been even happier at Utah’s Little Sahara sand dunes, but these are both usable, do-it-all machines that any owner would be proud to have in the garage.

The Fireball Racing suspension arms and Trail Armor UHMW plastic skid plate with integrated rock-slider nerfs look great and work well. Both machines are licensed for limited street use in Utah.


When we say these are do-it-all machines, look at the parts list. Both the RZR and the Can-Am have a set of off-road wheels and tires and a complete set of sand tires and wheels. The RZR also has a complete track conversion for driving in the snow! Since the machines are based in Utah, both have license plates. Utah has a provisional registration that allows UTVs that have certain equipment limited on-road capabilities. The plates are largely to connect trail heads with short paved sections. Nevertheless, both company founder Travis Gardner and his partner Ryan Flanders commented that the limited pavement use did impact the wheels and tires that they chose for general trail driving.

The interiors of both machines are dialed with PRP seats, Assaults belts and other goodies, and powerful sound systems. The Assault belts are comfortable and easy to adjust for different-sized people.



Travis started with the top-of-the-line Can-Am X3 that comes with 24 inches of rear-wheel travel and is 72 inches wide. Kombustion had Armor Coatings powdercoat the suspension in silver, then installed a spring kit from ZBroz Racing. He further dialed the suspension by adding barrel-style heavy-duty radius rods, barrel-style heavy-duty tie-rods and heavy-duty sway-bar end links from Assault Industries. MSA 16-inch beadlock wheels have 32-inch EFX MotoHammer DOT-approved tires. The offset on the wheels widened the car to 74 inches. The underbelly has ample protection from a Trail Armor UHMW plastic skid, with slider nerfs protecting the lower sides of the car. We were super impressed with the Trail Armor setup. A Halo electric locker in the front diff improves the Can-Am’s flawed AWD for tricky driving, and that about wrapped up the bottom of the machine.

Flanders isn’t bashful about mixing parts like the Fireball tubular trailing arms with billet-aluminum radius rods from ZRP with a cover plate from 50 Cal. The package really works combined with ZBroz springs.


A full SDR cage with roof setup for a recessed light bar was added, along with PRP seats and Assault harnesses. Kombustion and Rockford Fosgate collaborated to build a very cool sound system for the machine. Heretic dialed the lights, and a variety of Assault goodies made things nice. The Tron-themed wrap made the look cool and tied in the SDR doors with matching door bags.

The suspension arms on the Tron X3 look trick, but they are stock Can-Am parts powdercoated to match the aftermarket cage. The 16-inch wheels mean the tires have shorter sidewalls for crisp handling



Since we last drove Kombustion machines, the boys have grown power-hungry. Travis went to Evolution Powersports to jump the horsepower up to 200 with Maptuner X stage 1–3 ECU programming, a Turbo Cat bypass pipe and slip-on exhaust, a Stage Six Sandblaster big turbo upgrade, a billet-aluminum vent-to-atmosphere blow-off valve kit with filter, a V-Flow intake with pre-filter, and silicone charge tubes with BOV port. To handle that power, KWI Clutching performed clutch sheave truing and a full-floating secondary mod. We did everything from fast roads to serious skid-plate-thrashing crawling, and the engine remained completely civilized. At low rpm it feels like a stock X3, but as the rpm rise just a bit, this X3 storms down the trail. It pulls much stronger than stock with much more torque feel than the three-cylinder X3 normally exhibits. It is a fun motor, but the driveability is impressive for the horsepower output.

These cage-mount rear speakers are an effective and important part of a stereo system that you can hear and enjoy at speed over rough terrain.


No matter where or how we drove this machine, it was comfortable, crisp handling and fully dialed in. Like any Can-Am X3, the front view has a blind spot directly in front of the machine, but this machine really works.


Flander’s last machine was a RZR XP 1000 4 with 35-inch tires. With this build he went smaller in some ways and much bigger in others. He chose a 2017 RZR XP Turbo as a starting point and stuck with more modest but contemporary 30-inch Fuel tires and wheels. He may have gone with a shorter wheelbase and smaller tires, but he went big on power with roughly 200 ponies on tap, thanks to Evolution Powersports turbo modifications that make the car such a heavy breather that it has to drink straight 110-octane race fuel. Since his partner was starting with a 72-inch machine and longer travel, he called on Fireball Racing to supply tubular, ladder-style trailing arms and high-clearance front A-arms. Ultimately, the RZR is wider by a touch than his partner’s Can-Am!

Both cars use an SDR cage to protect the occupants, but the Tron X3 uses Assault radius rods. When this modified turbo motor gains a few rpm, it really storms down the trail.


The partners have some major things they agree on. Flanders tuned the suspension to the long-travel Fireball kit with ZBroz springs, added protection from Trail Armor under the chassis, and SDR on top with the cage and doors. Heretic handled the lights, and Assault handled a number of goodies as well. Flanders, though, is a little more eclectic, and he had a lot more suppliers where he selected a single product that appealed to his style.

Flanders uses a few more little dress-up items and goes for exotic-looking parts like the Zollinger Racing Products high-clearance billet rear radius rods. Naturally, he chose the same Tron theme for the wrap as well.


The Fuel tires on Flander’s RZR actually measure more like 31 inches, and they are relatively heavy compared to the stock tires. We asked about his choice: “With the paved sections and the extremely rocky roads, the Fuel tires work well, and they are a great value for the money.” After driving the local trails we see the appeal. There is a reason why they are called the Rocky Mountains. Utah has a lot of committed off-road and outdoor enthusiasts, and the local trails are technical. We aren’t sure that we would have gotten through with shorter tires mounted. On both machines we were thankful for the plastic skids, and we loved the angled plastic nerfs/rock sliders.

The Fuel tires say 30 inches but are closer to 31 inches. The tires give the RZRTron a stubby, purposeful look. This machine is comfortable and fast with great clearance and a safe-feeling wide stance.



50-Caliber Racing 702-889-1741,www.50caliberracing.com
Racing rear bumper $350
Dash kit $209

5150 Whips www.5150whips.com, 866-511-8853
Four-foot LED whips w/ remote control and quick-release base $279

Assault Industries www.assaultind.com, 714-799-6711
V2 front grill $149.99
RZR quick-release steering wheel $295
Fire-extinguisher quick release $169.95
Three-inch harnesses $134.99 each
B2 Bomber side mirrors $329.99
Shift knob $59.95

CageWrx www.cagewrx.com, (951) 223-9118
Spare-tire carrier $419.99

Energy Coil www.energycoil.com
RZR 1000/1000 Turbo $389

Evolution Powersports 715-247-3862 ,www.evopowersports.com
RZR XP Turbo Stage 6 Sandblaster big turbo upgrade $3800
XP Turbo Captain’s Choice cut-out exhaust $1299
RZR XP Turbo V-Flow intake boot w/billet blow-off valve $379
Maptuner X Polaris RZR XP Turbo ECU programming $899

Fireball Racing 559-324-9533 www.shopfireballracing.com
XP Turbo RZR long-travel kit $3,695

Fuel Off-Road www.fueloffroadutv.com
D538 milled black
Maverick wheel $120 each
Gripper UTV 30x10R14 tires $175 each

Heretic Studios 801-725-4824 ,www.hereticstudio.com
Gunmetal headlight/tail light combo $1039.99
30-inch Wraith billet LED light bar $635.58
Billet Quattro LED light $139.98 each

Kimpex www.kimpex.com
Commander WSS4 UTV complete track system $4,599

Kombustion Motorsports www.kombustionmotorsports.com, 801-674-2451
RZR 1000/Turbo billet hubs $695
RZR gas cap $59.95
ARP cylinder-to-head stud kit $149
Two-seater custom wrap $1,250
Hydro/powdercoating $2,000

Pro-Armor www.proarmor.com
G-Force seats $585 each

Rockford Fosgate 800-669-9899,www.rockfordfosgate.com
RZR Stage 5 1150-watt stereo, front and rear speaker, and subwoofer kit $3599

Rogue Offroad 903-954-2643, www.rougueoff-road.com
Turbo RZR hood $325

Ryco Motorsports www.rycomoto.com
RZR/General street-legal kit $330

Sand Tires Unlimited/DWT www.sandtiresunlimited.com; www.dwtracing.com
13 rear Padla Trak’ fronts Comp Cut w/ DWT Sector beadlocks $3800

SDR Motorsports 800-277-2280, www.sdrmotorsports.com
Hi-Bred bolt-in doors with SDR door bags $999.94
XPR-2 shorty cage w/ aluminum roof, roof LED pocket and rear five-light panel $3,382.95

SuperATV www.superatv.com
4500-pound synthetic rope ATV winch w/ wireless remote $349.90
Rear cargo box $189
Rhino 2.0 +3 axles $230 each

Trail Armor www.trailarmor.com, 662-462-4222
Full skids with slider nerfs $750

ZBroz Racing www.zbrozracing.com, 435-753-7774
RZR XP Turbo and XP 1000 Fox Edition spring kit $599

Zollinger Racing Products www.zollingerracingproducts.com, 435-753-2733
Radius rods for long travel $550
Labor/30 hours @ $85 an hour $2550

Both machines were extremely civil in technical survival trails, but when you stand on the gas pedal, they slam you back in the seat like no production machine we have driven. As nice as the engine sounds, if you get tired of that sound, you can bump up your playlist. We connected to the stereo via Bluetooth and were able to enjoy our driving music. There is plenty of volume to hear the music at all the speeds we hit. We dialed the speed and music levels down whenever we went by campgrounds.

Gardner’s Tron X3 looks longer and lower than Flanders’ RZRTron. It does have a longer wheelbase. The X3 started at 72 inches wide but is now 74 inches for stability on cambers.



Assault Industries 714-799-6711, www.assaultind.com
H-style five-point harness $139.95 ea.
B2 Bomber side mirrors $299.99
Barrel-style heavy-duty
radius rods $499.99
Barrel-style heavy-duty tie-rods $269.99
Fire-extinguisher quick release $169.95
GT shift knob $99.99
Heavy-duty sway-bar end links $129.99
Front grill $119.99
Polaris steering wheel hub only $59.95
UTV steering wheel only $109.95

Evolution Powersport 715-247-3862 ,www.evopowersports.com
Maptuner X Maverick X3 Stage 1–3 ECU programming $999
Maverick X3 Turbo Cat Bypass pipe and slip-on exhaust $969
Maverick X3 Turbo Stage 6 Sandblaster big turbo upgrade $3800
Maverick X3 billet-aluminum vent-to-atmosphere blow-off valve kit with filter $199
Maverick X3 V-Flow intake + pre-filter $228
Silicone charge tubes with BOV port for Maverick X3 $199

Halo Lockers www.halolockers.com
Maverick X3 and Defender locker kit $1170

Heretic Studios 801-725-4824 ,www.hereticstudio.com
Billet Quattro LED light $109.99
Maverick X3 billet shock brace with 6-in. light bar $330
Wraith USA-made billet LED light bar 40 inch $727.10

Kombustion Motorsports www.kombustionmotorsports.com, 801-674-2451
Labor/30 hours at $75 an hour $2250
Custom Super Chrome powdercoating supplied by Armor Coatings $1600
Custom Tron-themed wrap $1250

Rockford Fosgate 800-669-9899, www.rockfordfosgate.com
Can-Am X3 eight-speaker system; 2 amps featuring UTV stereo enclosures; four Rockford Fosgate 6.5 Punch speakers; PMX2 head unit; two 10-in. T1 subwoofers;
two Punch-series tweeters; Power-series TM7501 and TM4004 amplifiers $3900

KWI Clutching www.kwiclutching.com, 414-788-1346
Can-Am X3 clutch sheave truing and full-floating secondary mod $456.75
X3–X40 clutch kit, Stage 1, 2, 3 high altitude $533.38

PRP Seats www.prpseats.com, 800-317-6253
Custom PRP seats $499 each

RC2 Performance Products www.r2cperformance.com
Can-Am Maverick X3 air filter $65.99

Rage Fabrications www.ragefab.net, 870-483-7568
X3 front bumper, gusset kit combo, bulkhead and winch mount $475

Sand Tires Unlimited/DWT www.sandtiresunlimited.comwww.dwtracing.com
1200 Desert Trak 1.5 cut $309 each
1300 Padla Track $349.95 each
Douglas Sector 15×10 beadlock wheels $425 each

SDR Motorsports 800-277-2280 www.sdrmotorsports.com,
Fast Back Maverick X3 cage with bumper + roof LED pocket $2,495.97
Hi-bred bolt-in doors aNd door bags $1,099.94

SuperATV www.superatv.com
4500-pound synthetic rope ATV winch with wireless remote $349.90
ATV carrier bearing $150

Trail Armor www.trailarmor.com, 662-462-4222
Can-Am Maverick X3 full skids with slider nerfs $849

XTC Power Products 480-558-8588 www.xtcpowerproducts.com,
Power control system; 6 switches, 4 relays $420

ZBroz Racing www.zbrozracing.com, 435-753-7774
Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Dune/Desert spring kit $650

We would have loved to experience these machines in the dunes with the sand tires installed, but Utah’s dune areas were looking at about 115 degrees when we did our test run, so cooler, high-altitude trails sounded like a better plan. One of the beauties of sport UTVs is the ability to rock-crawl like a specialized rock buggy one instant, then rail whoop trails like a race buggy the next. The same tasks would require two specialized cars, but UTVs make both look easy. It is great to see that boosting the power and loading up on comfort and convenience doesn’t degrade that ability. Both of these machines handled technical and fast trails easily, and Kombustion tells us the real fun is in the dunes, or, in Ryan’s case, in the snow with his Kimpex complete track system. They are both sweet-looking cars for sure, but ones that are ready and willing to get dirty.

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