PROJECT MACHINE: What one man does for his wife 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This trip was early in the evolution of the SuperNovaRZR. Much of the build was perfect, but more suspension set-up is planned.


This Polaris RZR Turbo S, also known as SuperNovaRZR, is the second Loomis family build featured in Dirt Wheels. When Wyoming’s Robert Loomis had his Kombustion-built TombRZR 2016 RZR Turbo featured in Dirt Wheels, it fulfilled his dream of having one of his machines in a magazine.

He still loves and drives that build, but he tried our RZR Turbo S while we were shooting his machine. After that brief drive, we could see the hunger for a new Turbo S. We don’t know for sure, and we are certain that he would never admit it, but we have to wonder if there was an ulterior motive to the “Tonya, honey, we should get you your own RZR,” plan? That way Robert could be loyal to his trusty TombRZR build and still have a new RZR Turbo S to smoke dunes with.

Tonya Loomis is new to having her own machine, but she is embracing the scene as fast as possible. Having a cool machine helps. A host of small details add up to a polished and interesting look. We like the openings in the A-arms and the Assault grill insert.



Whether he expected the outcome or not, Tonya became fully immersed in working with the Kombustion team on her SuperNovaRZR Turbo S build. And after the eye-burning build was complete, she was just as committed to getting out and about in the dunes with it. Robert shows no signs of attempting to push his way into the driver’s seat of the SuperNovaRZR. He didn’t even suggest that he drive it for the photos; instead, insisted that Tonya could handle it.

She may not have much experience at the moment, but she is dedicated to improving, and she hit every line we suggested. Don’t believe that this machine is all show, shine, and color. While it is striking and an attention-grabber, there is ample performance to support the look.

Just as with TombRZR, neither the Loomis’ nor Kombustion were committed to any single company. They picked from available products to make a package that appealed to Tonya. Where TombRZR was dark, Tonya wanted a car that was bright and eye-catching.

Heretic Studios lights and the Assault mirrors are both handy and attractive. The finish everywhere is flawless.



Polaris’ Turbo S 72-inch cars come with strong and effective suspension arms, but Loomis chose to go with a full HCR stock-replacement suspension kit that replaces all of the stock tubular arms with aggressive-looking built-up arms. The Turbo S has computerized Fox Live Valve shocks that adjust on the fly, but Kombustion re-valved the shocks and added a spring kit.

The remainder of the suspension changes were Zollinger Racing Products’ nice billet-aluminum high-clearance radius rods, a radius rod plate, and Desert Series extra-duty tie-rods. Assault produces the sway bar end links.

No doubt inspired by a family history with street rods, Tonya chose a Sand Works UTV low cage with a roof, a wing, attractive side sheet metal, and a full front windshield. The cage gives the car a much more streamlined and more automotive look. Complementing the cage are SDR Motorsports Hi-Bred doors and door bags. SDR is also responsible for the interesting bedside grills and the Baja Series front bumper.

DWT color-matched 15-inch Beadlock wheels are wrapped with Sand Sports SxS front and rear paddle tires to connect the chassis to the sand.

The color coordination and choice of billet, faux alligator skin, and carbon fiber for the dash and hood give the interior a rich feel.



While we are certain that Tonya would have been fine with the stock power output, Evolution Powersports’ mods help out, but for Tonya, they stayed away from big turbo mods. Instead, the Loomis’ opted for a Turbo S 4R 95-octane tune, a Maptuner, a silicone charge tube, the V-Flow intake boot, a billet-aluminum blow-off valve, and the Captain’s Choice electronic valve exhaust. The ponies are corralled by Evo’s World’s Best Belt. To make sure the belt lives, an Ibexx Stage 2 clutch kit was installed, and the clutch is run without a cover in the dunes.

We don’t normally use rear shots of a machine, but this one shows the extreme ground clearance and the unique look of the car.


Tonya is on the petite side, but we’ve found that folks of all sizes are fans of Simpson Pro-Sport custom seats. Tonya took advantage of the custom choices Simpson provides, and the largely black seats have color swatches of red and yellow to match the colorful wrap and act as a counterpoint to the faux alligator finish found on much of the seat. Since she is smaller, she chose the 2-inch Simpson harnesses.

Ladies need more to listen to than a throaty exhaust, so UTV Stereo added a Level 3 upgrade 900-watt audio system. Remember that the Turbo S has Ride Command, but no speakers, so it didn’t need a full stereo. One of those great XTC Power Products six-switch kit wiring setups aided in adding the stereo and additional lighting.

Polishing up the interior are a yellow Heretic billet steering wheel and ModQuad Racing grip-style shift knob and billet passenger grab handle. Assault mirrors are a big help as well.

Running the wrap into the interior of the machine makes for a unique and impressive look. Door bags add storage and welcome knee padding.



Night, or at least evening, driving is a traditional part of the dune experience, and lights add safety. Baja Designs rock lights light up under the wheel wells, so they look cool, but they also help with wheel placement in technical driving. Most of the other lighting is from Heretic Studios. Naturally, the 5150 lighted whips don’t actually help Tonya see, but they do allow her to be seen, and that is equally as important.

Now, we need to talk about that eye-popping wrap! We love a bright and colorful project, and this one is a winner. It was all designed by the guys at Kombustion and applied by RZR Sharp Vinyl. The flashy color treatment continues to the inside of the doors and even to the underside of the roof!

ZRP’s sweet radius rods work well in conjunction with the HCR suspension arm. There is plenty of traction available in the sand.



Tonya configured the interior of this machine to fit her, and it would take some major adjusting for her hubby to squeeze into the driver’s seat. Fortunately, Dirt Wheels web producer Casey Kramer was a good fit for the driver’s seat. Even though the cage slopes off much lower than stock to the rear, the windshield opening is wide enough to provide good visibility from inside the cab to the front.

Like Tonya, Casey is a fan of Simpson seats and reported those as comfortable as well. Any Turbo S is plenty fast, but the bolt-on mods and the Sand Sport SxS paddles ensure that this colorful machine accelerates hard and has plenty of power for the dunes. Tonya isn’t as aggressive as Robert is yet, so she doesn’t always use momentum to aid her in the sand, but the ample power and traction help her out there as she gains more experience. Overall, this car has everything it needs to perform well, be safe and offer plenty of in-cab comfort.

There is no doubt that this is an exceptional build for a first-time UTV owner. It is a build to be proud of, and one that gathers plenty of attention. It certainly grabbed ours!

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The low cage, wild colors and tall doors give the SuperNovaRZR something of a Hot Wheels look. For sure the car stops people in their tracks.



5150 Whips: (866) 511-8853,

 Pair of 4-foot LED Whip W/remote control and quick release base $279

Assault Industries: (714) 799-6711,

B2 Bomber side mirrors: $299.99

Heavy-duty sway bar end links $129.95

Hellfire grill $154.99

Baja Designs: (800) 422-5292,

Rock Lights $259.80

Evolution Powersports: (715) 247-3862,

Turbo S 4R 95-octane tune $549.99

RZR Maptuner $899

Turbo S silicone charge tube $180

Turbo S V-Flow intake boot $170

Billet aluminum blow-off valve $209

Captain’s Choice electronic valve exhaust $1,399

Evo World’s Best Belt $159.95

Glazzkraft: (801) 674-2451, 

Turbo S hood $279

Turbo S carbon fiber dash top $229

Turbo S carbon fiber screen surround $109

HCR Racing Suspension: (888) 928-7223,

2018 Turbo S Elite OEM replacement suspension $3,799.99

Heretic Studios: (801) 725-4824,

Wraith USA-made billet LED light bar 10” w/ mounts $274.99

Pods w/ brackets and harness $279.99

UTV steering wheel and adaptor $185

Ibexx: (208) 352-3045,

RZR Stage 2 clutch kit $409

ModQuad Racing:

Grip-style shift knob $69.95

Grab handle passenger $149.95

Kombustion Motorsports: (801) 674-2451, 

RZR gas cap $59.95

2-seat custom wrap inside doors and roof w/ windshield $2650

Fox Live suspension re-valve and spring kit $1800

XTC Power Products: (480) 558-8588,

Six-switch kit $299

Sand Works: (801) 668-7263,

Low-Boy bumper less cage w/ roof $1850

Wing $600

Tin work $400

Window $550

SDR Motorsports: (800) 277-2280,

RZR Hi-Bred doors 2-seat $799

RZR Hi-Bred door bags $199

RZR bed-side grills $179.98

Baja Series bumper $549.99

Simpson: (800) 654-7223,

RZR Pro-Sport custom seats $1159.90

2” Harnesses $240

UTV Stereo: (480) 616-2299, 

RZR Level 3 upgrade 900-watt audio system for Ride Command $2700

ZRP: (435) 753-2733,

Turbo S high-clearance radius rods $650

Turbo S radius rod plate $125

Desert Series extra-duty tie-rods $400

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