By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport 700 is a great mid-size sport UTV. The design of the Wildcat Sport features a trail-friendly 60-inch-wide track with a comforting 13 inches of ground clearance. Keeping the terrain from abusing you is 12.2 inches of travel up front and 12.6 inches in the rear for a comfortable ride. Powering this machine is a 60-plus-horsepower, 700cc, in-line twin EFI engine. Transferring power to the ground is done through two- and four-wheel drive, plus electronic front differential lock, rapid response clutch, park, reverse and high/low range.

The cage connectors fabricated by IMG Motorsports are top-notch and flow with the stock cage while adding strength and safety. The aluminum roof adds great sun protection and is mounted with rubber isolators to reduce vibration.

For this project build we wanted to improve on the already great machine by adding safety and comfort, making this the ultimate vehicle for both race and play use.

We selected a set of lights from Lazer Star for the front and rear of this machine. The rear light features a flashing blue and steady amber in the center for visibility through dust with brake lights on the outer sides.
To keep us safe and comfortable, we installed a pair of PRP seats with Assault Industries 3-inch harnesses in the driver’s seat and a 2-inch DragonFire Racing harness in the passenger seat.


In stock trim the Wildcat Sport has great seats, but we wanted to improve the comfort level by installing a pair of PRP GT Suspension seats on adjustable sliders for both driver and passenger. Keeping us strapped in the seats is a pair of Assault Industries 3-inch, five-point harnesses installed onto a DragonFire Racing harness bar. The factory steering wheel has a great feel, but we wanted to change things up a bit. We got our hands on a new heated steering wheel from Heat Demon. This new wheel will keep our hands warm on those cold days and nights. For a bit more safety we contacted IMG Motorsports about adding a few more tubes to the factory roll cage and installing a new roof. IMG fabricated a set of bars to connect on the outer edges of the A- and B-pillars. These new tubes bolt on and flow perfectly with the lines of the stock cage, giving them that factory look. With the cage work done, IMG set forth on designing an aluminum roof that blended in with the whole machine. To improve traction and stability we insisted on new Patriot 27-inch tires mounted on a set of 14-inch No Limit Octane rims from No Limit Wheels.

Inside the cockpit we installed a pair of Assault Industries sun visors to help block the sun while driving. To help us see behind our vehicle we mounted up a pair of Bomber side mirrors and a center mirror from Assault.

The Heat Demon heated steering wheel works great keeping our hands warm and comfortable on cold rides. The new wheel offers great grip, but we recommend using gloves during operation.


We chose new lights from Lazer Star to help us see in dark and dusty conditions. Installed up front is a 28-inch Endeavour Racer Special amber/white LED bar. This light combo will provide great visibility when in dusty conditions with the amber option. We can run both amber and white patterns for optimum brightness on the trail. Mounted on the rear is an 18-inch Atlantis Racer taillight. This multi-function red/amber/blue/red LED light features a red side section for brake lights, a center blue flashing section and a steady amber for rear visibility to other drivers.  To help us see other drivers and machines, we selected Assault Industries Bomber side mirrors with white frames and an Assault center mirror. To block the daytime sun we installed a set of Stealth Series sun visors from Assault.


The overall handling and performance are top-notch from the factory, with Elka Stage 5 coil-over shocks installed at all four corners. These shocks offer high- and low-speed compression adjustment, along with rebound and preload. We were pleased that having the spare mounted high at the rear of the car had no adverse effects on the handling or the suspension action. Even in the fast, rough sections there was no noise, rattles or squeaks from the tire carrier or the new roof. The new Sport roof package from IMG Motorsports really complements the machine’s body lines. Added safety is handled by the addition of the IMG Motorsports cage connectors, and the added connectors don’t hinder the driver in any way.

We received this machine with a factory spare tire carrier installed from Arctic Cat. The spare tire carrier slides on the downtubes for adjustment.

No Limit’s Patriot tires and Octane aluminum wheels are certainly the most visual of the modifications to the machine. The Patriots offer great traction in all types of terrain—from silt to rocks—and resist punctures with the eight-ply construction. With 22 psi the tires skate a little on loose surface, and there was some oddly metallic sounds when the tires hit sharp bumps. Dropping all four tires to 15 psi made a large improvement in acceleration feel, front-end bite and improved the ride. At the lower pressure the “ching” sound hitting edges was eliminated. The Patriot tires offer excellent side bite.

The wheels we chose are custom-cut No Limit Octane in Arctic Cat Red. We wrapped the rims with No Limit’s Patriot 27-inch tire. The rim edge holds the tire very well at low pressure without the need of a beadlock.

We decided to go to a bigger 27-inch tire compared to the factory 26-inch tire for added ground clearance. A side benefit is that the larger tires roll over obstacles more smoothly than you would think with just an inch larger tire. Comfort and support from the PRP GT seats are excellent, and the new padded five-point harness from Assault Industries is comfortable and easy to use. We wanted enough safety features installed to keep ourselves and the occupants safe in case of a roll-over or any other accident.

On those cold days and nights the heated steering wheel from Heat Demon keeps our hands comfortable, allowing us to continue adventuring for hours. The wheel has excellent glove traction, but the grippy surface will bother your bare hands with extended use. We always recommend gloves for driving.

At the rear of the machine we installed a Hitch Works SLS Shackle hitch in the 2-inch receiver. This D-ring shackle is perfect for pulling out friends who get stuck on the trail. Not only does this Shackle hitch feature a D-ring, it also has a platform with non-slip grip tape to be used as a step for loading and unloading cargo and features two LED pods from GG Lighting. Our lighting from Lazer Star makes nighttime driving appear to be day. The dual-row white/amber offers superb visibility, and when we encounter another vehicle and are in their dust we can simply turn off the white LEDs and run just the ambers. For other vehicles and riders that are behind us, we installed an 18-inch Atlantis Racer taillight from Lazer Star. The Racer taillight features two brakes lights on the outer edges and flashing blue and steady amber in the center, allowing us to be seen through the dust being kicked up by our machine. While shooting the action photos we were impressed with how visible the lights make the machine on a bright day.

Overall, the modified Wildcat is a genuine pleasure to drive. The Assault Industries sun visors and mirrors make driving so much more convenient and safe. Your rear vision is outstanding, even when you are in a full-face helmet. Everything about this build was aimed at making the driving experience safe and pleasant. This machine is a definite home run.


Assault Industries:, 714-799-6711

Bomber Side Mirrors: $239.95

Rear-View Mirror: $84.95

Stealth Series Sun Visors: $169.90

5-Point Harness V-Style: $149.95 each

Fire Extinguisher Quick Release: $169.95

DragonFire Racing:, 800-708-9803

Harness Bar: $149.99

Heat Demon:, 888-571-9193

Heated Steering Wheel: $349.95

Hitch Works:, 949-480-0633

SLS Shackle Hitch: $240

IMG Motorsports:, 951-471-1615

Sport Roof Package: $549.99

Lazer Star Lights:, 800-624-6234

18-inch Atlantis Racer Taillight: $459.99

28-inch Endeavour Racer Special Amber/White LED: $979.99

No Limit:, 888-848-8024

Front: Patriot 27x9r14: $158, Octane wheels 14×8: $100.30 each
+$39.20 for machining.

Rear: Patriot 27x11r14: $162

PRP Seats:, 800-317-6253

GT Seat: $948 pair

Arctic CatAssault IndElka SuspensionLazer Star LightsNo LimitPRP Seatsside by sideUTVUTV Racing