Bolting on just about every accessory part available

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Russell Porter has the enthusiasm of a happy-go-lucky child in a man’s body. Buggy Whip, his successful family company, needed a rolling UTV showcase to help promote its products. Russ jumped like a kid in a candy store at the prospect of turning a Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs into a wicked display car.

Buggy Whip has a great reputation, so many leading companies were ready to participate in the build. Russ was able to pick and choose, but he did a lot of choosing, so there are a monster number of products on this rig: it’s almost mind-boggling. The best part is that many of the parts are attainable for the normal UTV enthusiast. We give Porter a round of applause for picking parts that are not only pretty cool but also quite useful. At least he topped his “Overkill X3” off with a set of his own whips!


If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Russ, he is one of those guys who can get along with anyone. This is fortunate, because he had to befriend a lot of people to help get his X3 built. Russ grew up with sand cars, so it was natural that he wanted to increase the horsepower. He installed an Evolution Powersports Stage 4 kit, which includes injectors, and a waste gate. He continued with a Maptuner X to control the fuel increase and turbo boost with a custom-anodized aluminum case. Evo offers a blow-off valve kit and silicone charge tubes that made their way onto the Can-Am, as well as a race bypass tube along with a cutout-style exhaust system.

When you add weight to a machine, it affects performance. Increasing horsepower helps out, and so does clutch tuning. Russ has yet to get the clutch tuned or upgraded, but the power parts from Evo helped keep the Overkill X3 moving quickly.



A lot of serious builders go with Cognito Motorsports’ long-travel suspension kit. This is one of the earliest Cognito kits for the X3. The A-arms and trailing arms are literally works of art. The front suspension is finished up with Assault heavy-duty tie-rods, Zollinger (ZRP) knuckles and Summers Brothers axles. The rear gets ZRP knuckles and Summers axles as well. For the sand, project Overkill X3 uses Raceline wheels and Sand Tires Unlimited paddle tires.

The wrap was designed and installed by Wolf Designs to commemorate 50 years of Buggy Whip being in business.


BFD Offroad had a big hand in how this machine looks. First, it came up with a smoother and stronger cage with an integrated rear bumper. BFD pairs the cage with a unique contoured composite roof that hugs the lines of the new cage. It has a racy look with a center scoop molded in, but for cars that run a windshield like this one, the scoop channels cool air into the cab and directs it towards the car’s intake. BFD also supplies the glass windshield. The BFD style continues with the custom hood kit and a unique front bumper that makes a Warn winch look racy. The final part of the BFD equation are custom doors that integrate nicely with the cage and body lines while offering protection for the passengers.

Assault rounded out many of the details with Sidewinder convex side mirrors, a grill insert, a fire-extinguisher quick-release kit, a Stealth in-cab rear-view mirror, Stealth visors, front shock guards and even a registration sticker plate. Assault’s D-shaped steering wheel could conceivably be considered part of the suspension and handling package.

There is $3000 in ECP powdercoat on the Overkill X3, and of course it is completely covered in the Wolf Designs wrap that commemorates Buggy Whip’s 50th year in business. Not all of the accessories are for style. Some are for music, and there are loads of lights. Most are from Baja Designs, but of course there are those great-looking, lighted Buggy Whips with flags on top. There are Powertank air tanks to fill tires and fire extinguishers from Safecraft mounted to the roll cage.

PRP Seats, wrapped with red ostrich leather, were installed along with their five-point harness systems. The dash holds Rugged Radio, Evo Powersports, Lowrance, Assault Ind. and Mob Armor products.




As high-end as the Overkill X3 looks on the outside, it looks somewhat subtle compared to the interior. Open the doors and get socked right in the eyes by arrest-me-red, simulated Ostrich Podium Elite PRP seats with cooling, heat and lumbar support. The PRP belts are an equally scorching red. The rich automotive look continues with doors that look upholstered, but are actually completely covered in luxurious custom door bags. The upholstery continues to a custom roof liner as well. Offsetting the soft rich red Ostrich is a Fourwerx carbon fiber race dash and a billet shift gate and covers for the ECU and battery from Geiser Performance.

Raceline beadlock wheels are placed on this rig in the sand dunes, along with rubber from Sand Tires Unlimited.


In addition to all the new lighting that was added to Overkill X3, Russ made sure that every possible radio and communication option possible from Rugged Radios was included. Rugged also produced the clean-air system that pipes filtered air into the driver and passenger helmets. Maglock makes magnetic connections that attach the air hoses to the helmets. For GPS, the X3 runs Lowrance products. With all the added electronics, there was a lot of wiring that needed to be handled. Switches and harnesses from XTC Power Products helped dial in all of those connections.

Multiple Safecraft fire extinguishers were installed on the machine, along with Powertank products. You can also spot a Rugged Radios pumper system.




Check out the parts list to see all that went into this amazing build. We all appreciate a great-looking machine, but for most of us, our OHVs need to work, or what is the point exactly? When we shot the Overkill X3, it was really on the first outing in completed form, and the third outing overall. We’ve seen cases where a fresh car has teething problems. UTVs benefit from tuning and setup to make sure that all the accessories work together as they should.

The shocks have not been tuned for the completed car yet, but even so, the Overkill X3 is a truly fun car in the dunes. With the paddles, we didn’t do any desert driving. In the dunes we were able to run the car hard. Look at the roost in the photos and you will see that the Evolution Powersports mods added plenty of power for paddles that are scooping serious sand.

Russ drove the car hard, and when he turned it over to us, he was in no hurry to get back to the truck and trailer. He was encouraging us to run the car harder and longer. Our ace photographer Patrick Carrigan was our leader for follow-the-leader. That wasn’t fair; the best Dumont hound in the trickest UTV. We were chasing in a stock X3 and a Polaris RZR S. Nothing was staying with the modified machine. It does more than look good! This is a seriously fun machine, and driving a car that looks this great is a surreal experience.

Russ installed a Cognito Motorsports long-travel kit on the front and rear of the Can-Am. He didn’t re-valve his shocks yet, but that’s a future upgrade for it.



Obviously, most of us will not sign up for the full list of products used on the Overkill. But, all of these products will improve any Can-Am X3 model a ton. Just pick and choose the ones that you need, or perhaps just want. Your X3 might not be overkill, but it could be your perfect X3.



Alba Racing: www.teamalbaracing.com, (619) 562-0188, Clutch cover pin kit $69.99

Assault Ind.: www.assaultind.com, (714) 799-6711

Ballistic “D” quick-release steering wheel kit $329.99

Turret HD tie-rods $309.99

Sidewinder convex side mirrors $299.99

Stealth shifter $109.99

Hellfire grill $119.99

Fire extinguisher quick release kit $169.99

Stealth rear-view mirror $84.99

Stealth visors $169.99

Front shock guards $124.99

Registration plate $39.99

Baja Designs: www.bajadesigns.com, (800) 422-5292

10” OnX6 Hi-Power $599.95 $1199.90 ea.

10” OnX6, driving/combo $429.95 ea.

Pair Squadron sport driving/combo (B-pillar) $229.95 ea.

10” S8 driving/combo $329.95 $659.90 ea.

S8, Amber combo lens kit $14.95 ea.

RTL 30” light bar $424.95

LED rock lights $64.95 ea.

Uplifter wiring harness, OnX6/S8 $13.95 ea.

BFD Offroad: www.bfdoffroad.com, (760) 789-5896

Cage/bumper $1995

Contoured composite roof $449

Windshield $799

Custom hood kit $1500

Front bumper w/ built-in winch mount $449

Doors $749

Buggy Whip Inc.: www.buggywhip.com, (760) 789-3230

4-foot LED whip $199 ea.

Quick-release mount $41 ea

Cognito Motorsports: www.cognitomotorsports.com, (866) 426-4648

Front lower control arm kit $599

Front upper control arm kit $999

Trailing arm kit $2399

Trailing arm rock  guards $89

Rear billet sway bar end link kit $199

Lower contro link kit $249.50

Adjustable upper control link kit $249.50

Adjustable middle control link kit $249.50

ECP Powder Coating: ecppowdercoatinginc.com

Custom powdercoat $3000

Evolution Powersports: www.evopowersports.com, (970) 680-3861

Stage 4 kit (includes injectors & waste gate actuators) – 95 Octane 9PSI $1,249

“Captain’s Choice” cutout style exhaust $899

Race bypass pipe $389

Maptuner X $549

Custom anodized  aluminum case $129.99

Blow-off valve kit $199

Silicone charge tubes with BOV port $199

Factor 55: www.factor55.com, (208) 639-1674

Ultra Hook XTV $199.95

Fourwerx Carbon: www.fwcarbon.com, (262) 501-9696

Carbon fiber race dash $600

Full Throttle Battery: www.fullthrottlebattery.com, (800) 522-8191

High-capacity dual-purpose AGM battery $199.99

Geiser Performance: www.geiserperformance.com, (602) 777-1237

Cargo rack $299.95

Tie-down mounts (4) $104.95

Shift gate/raw aluminum $42.95

Shock tower mount $238.95

ECU & battery  cover kit $129.95

Lowrance: www.lowrance.com

HDS-9” Gen3 $1499

Maglock: www.maglock.com, (310) 725-1720

Air kit $299.99 ea.

Mob Armor: www.mobarmor.com, (805) 214-1815

Mob mount charge: prototype Mob Mount disc pack $14.99

PRP Seats: www.prpseats.com, (800) 317-6253

Podium Elite w/ custom red ostrich, cooling, heat & lumbar support $864 ea.

5.3 harness $139 ea.

Custom roof liner and door panels in red ostrich $750

Custom door bags $398

Powertank: www.powertank.com

10 lb. Power Tank pkg. C (candy red) w/ digital tire inflator gauge $610

Power Shot single-barrel quick release $290

Power Shot sidearm quick release $500

Colby rescue valves $17.95 ea.

Raceline Wheels: www.racelinewheels.com, (800) 529-4335

Double bead-lock  Ripper 333 N/A

Rugged Radios: www.ruggedradios.com, (888) 541-7223

660 Plus H28 intercom  system (2 place) $1,517

Car to car 60W VHF mobile radio $461.65

2 Person intercom kit, Alphabass headsets, 60W car-2-car kit & PTTs $1,978.65

Base/Chase 60W radio w/ NMO antenna mount $371.65

Can-Am X3 dash mount $60

Antenna mount ANT-MT-H / BM-1.8 $65

MAC3.2 air pumper system w/ 4’ hoses & VSC $702

Hose hangers for MAC $38

Dual headset hanger (HANGER-D-UNI/BM-1.8) $55

Impact OS20 helmet SA2015 XL flat black $869

Air draft helmet SNELL SA2015 gloss black XXL $869

Safecraft: safecraft.com, (800) 400-2259

AT5 system $520

Handheld tanks PB5 $293 ea.

Sandcraft RCR Motorsports: sandcraftmotorsports.com, (480) 539-4438

Limit strap kit $350

SSV Works/Kicker: www.ssvworks.com, (818) 991-1778

Phase 5 Kicker edition kit  w/ added front kick panel  pods & additional  subwoofer kit $3000

Warn Ind.: www.warn.com

Wireless remote $172.50

ProVantage 4500-S  winch $824.99

Light duty accessory kit $106.04

Hook kit 5/16” $49.99

Summers Brothers Racing: summersbrothersracing.com, (909) 395-5555

Front axles $232.75

Rear axles $247.80

Front sway bar system $715.50

Rear sway bar system $846.30

Wolf Designs: www.wolfdesigns.biz, (480) 888-0202

Custom wrap $3,357

XTC Power Products: www.xtcpowerproducts.com, (480) 558-8588

Plug & Play turn-signal  system w/ horn $339

Plug & Play 6-switch power control system with  strobe $339

Custom LED switches (12 switches) $19.95 ea.

Plug & Play radio/intercom relayed wire harness $149.95

Zollinger Racing Products: zollingerracingproducts.com, (435) 753-2733

Front knuckle set $990

Rear knuckle set $1015

Billet throttle pedal $150

Keller ball joints $520

Heavy-duty wheel studs $160

Billet hubs and lug set $1115

Billet door handle set $65

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