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Once upon a time, two-stroke ATVs ruled the market for many years. Honda’s 250R was the staple of the industry, and from its success the Honda TRX400 was born. This air cooled four-stroke machine helped revolutionize the racing and trail-riding world of ATVs. Consumers soon moved further away from the snappy, occasionally untamed power of […]

Project Honda 700XX

Honda’s 700XX is a beast. It’s hard to compare this monster to anything else on the planet. It has lots of ponies and more than a handful of torque. It’s comfortable and capable of going almost anywhere. However, it doesn’t do anything great. If you ask the winner of the last two Baja 1000s, Wayne […]


From the first time we drove the Polaris Ranger over 10 years ago, we were in love with it. Even as a 500, it was sporty enough to race down the trails and tough enough to tackle work duties. Fast-forward a decade and the Ranger has evolved just as fast as the rest of the […]

PROJECT UTV: Turbo Teryx

Last month we brought you a sport UTV shootout between the brand new 1000cc Can-Am Commander and the very popular Polaris Ranger RZRS. These are the two machines you want to look at if your are in the market for a fast well-suspended play UTV. What if you already own a UTV; should you sell […]

PROJECT UTV: Sparks Racing RZR XP 1110

Even with high-performance UTVs hitting 1000cc and topping 110 horsepower in stock trim, some customers are still searching for more power. Primarily it’s guys wanting the fastest machine at the track or the quickest in the dunes. Well, one motor builder that has been developing high-horsepower engines for ATVs since the beginning, Sparks Racing, now […]

CT Racing Project RZR – The Getaway Car

What’s the biggest problem with owning the Polaris RZR 1000? Time. No one has enough to do it justice. The second biggest? Space—again, not enough in the whole world. Leaving a new RZR in the garage is cruel, like keeping a pet greyhound in your Manhattan apartment. Allen and Roxanne Knowles understand that. They accept […]

PROJECT ATV: Nitrous Renegade

In last October’s issue, we brought you a crazy, modified Can-Am Renegade 1000 built for mud in Iowa of all places. We know Iowa is not a hotbed of mud riding, but that doesn’t stop the state’s number-one Can-Am dealer, Midwest Performance and Power, from turning out some amazing machinery. Owner Jason Smith met us […]

PROJECT ATV: Riding John Natalie’s championship-winning Can-Am

The pivotal moment of the 2011 ATVA championship season didn’t come on any motocross track. It didn’t happen when John Natalie won in Kentucky, Maryland or Michigan. It happened in a pasture against a backdrop of fire, lightning and chaos, and it had nothing to do with ATVs. It was a little past the halfway […]

PROJECT UTV: Kawasaki Teryx Racer

A beauty ready for battle When you picture in your mind a super-trick UTV for racing, no doubt Can-Am Mavericks and Polaris RZR XP 1000s come to mind. It’s rare that we even consider a Kawasaki Teryx as a viable racer these days. The Teryx is well-known and is excellent as an exploring or adventure […]