Replace your old beat up seat

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Nothing makes a quad look neglected like an ugly rip in its seat. Putting duct tape over it doesn’t help much. No, sometimes you just have to replace that old seat cover. There are several companies that specialize in that. Quad Tech is one that the Dirt Wheels crew has used regularly for project quads. They can provide you with a stock-looking replacement or one that has a special custom look.

Quad Tech’s covers not only have fancy color designs and stitching, but they offer a textured material with better grip. In other words, your bottom doesn’t slide around as much when the seat gets covered in mud or water. They also have ribs sewn in that hold you in place better. This is popular with the racers.

So, what all is involved to get a new seat from Quad Tech? Well, first of all, you have to save your old seat’s plastic base pan. You can choose to save your old seat’s foam and just install a new seat cover over it. Or, you can get new foam to the correct shape for your model quad. For $25 Quad Tech will install the new foam and cover if you send them your seat pan.

Quad Tech has seat kits for just about any ATV dating back to Honda’s 1986 TRX250R. Actually, they go back to 1983 for the ATC250R. The sporty 4x4s like the Can-Am Renegades and Polaris Scramblers are included in the list too. For pricing, we’ll use Honda’s 400EX as an example. A stock all-black seat cover is $120. Red, silver, and black are $10 more. Adding ribs is $20 more. To get new foam with the seat cover adds $70.


To install the new seat cover you’ll need a big screwdriver to remove the staples holding on your old seat cover. Then, you’ll need a staple gun to fasten down the new cover. It’s not that tough to do if you take your time and make sure it goes on straight. However, as we said, for $25 you can have the Quad Tech people do it.

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