Haltec’s QuikStem emergency replacement tire valve stem is a fast and inexpensive way to replace a rotten, broken or leaky Schrader valve on any UTV, ATV, hauler or trailer wheel. The QS-500 QuikStem valve will repair any tubeless tire in a matter of seconds without breaking the tire bead or removing the wheel, thus saving a UTV ride from an early end.

QuikStems are designed to install from the outside and anchor in place, sealing the rim to 200 psi. They come in .453-inch long and short sizes for UTVs, ATVs, automobiles, light trucks, trailers, equipment and lawnmowers, and .625 inches for construction equipment, tractors and trucks.

CNC-machined QuikStems have six parts and are made of steel and rubber. Cut or remove the bad Schrader with pliers, a valve puller or hook and push the remaining rubber into the hole. Snug the 12mm nut until it contacts the steel washer and push the QuikStem into the rim (do not lubricate). Tighten until you feel resistance, then tighten two more complete turns. Remove the cap and inflate the tire as desired. Check the seal with water or some other fluid; if you get bubbles, tighten another quarter turn and recheck.

Any off-road enthusiast who wants to carry cheap ride insurance should have a couple of QuikStems in his flat-fix kit, tool roll or glove box.

We literally installed a QuikStem on our Teryx KRX 1000’s spare tire in less than 10 seconds with a 12mm T-handle. The rubber grommet sealed the beadlock wheel, and we set psi at 17 in a couple of minutes. The stainless QuikStem doesn’t have dry-rot problems like rubber stems, as there is no exposed rubber, and the grommet also acts like Nylock to keep the nut from backing off.

NASCAR shows us that any contact can rip a sidewall or a valve stem and cause a flat tire. Roost or a trailside branch could take out a valve stem, and a QuikStem is a quick and easy replacement that can and will save a ride, tire and wheel, as opposed to limping back to camp on a flat. QuikStems are available at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Hardline Products, FindItParts.com, Amazon and A&I Products.

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