Inside Patrick Shamblin’s Texas 12-Hour-winning Can-Am By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Can-Am’s Maverick R X rs with DCT has next-level performance and power, and ARD Racing prepared and armed Patrick Shamblin’s Maverick R for the 2023 Texas Outlaw 12-Hour endurance race victory.

As we reported in the March issue’s “Over the Bars,” Hunter Miller, Kevin Hall and Patrick Shamblin won the Texas 12-Hour overall in Shamblin’s ARD Racing Maverick R X rs. ARD Racing does race builds and has a top-shelf Arrive and Drive racing program catering to 26 drivers for 2024, with 12 racing MAO short-course, eight in Texas Outlaw, and six in TX4 cross-country. Patrick Shamblin and his son, Paxton, are two of those client racers in Outlaw and MAO. ARD Racing had Kryptic SxS or S3 Powersports fabricate the race cages, frames, bumpers and nerfs, then ARD completes the race builds with top-quality products. ARD maintains the race UTVs between rounds, transports them to and from the races, cleans them each night, and supports racers during race weekends. All the racing clients have to do is get there and back; ARD handles everything, even driving suits, helmets and gear. Here’s a look at Shamblin’s 2023 Texas Outlaw 12-Hour-winning Maverick R X rs.

ARD Racing does ground-up race builds for its customers and provides transportation and totally turn-key Arrive & Drive race support for 26 racers for 2024. Partners include Kryptic SxS and S3 Powersports, who contributed to this Maverick R build.

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ARD is partnered with Sehorn Yamaha/Can-Am in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and clients buy the UTVs and take them to ARD for conversion. Kryptic SxS started with an S3 Powersports’ frame gusset kit on the Maverick R X rs and deleted the bed completely, then Kryptic fabricated the racing cage, roof, doors, nerfs, front roost screen, rear cabin screen, front and rear bumpers, rear-fender mounts, and relocated the transmission cooler and turbo intercooler, then covered them with metal bodywork. Kryptic also upgraded the rear upper links for the high-knuckle suspension. It then went to the powder-coater, and the build’s underside is protected by Factory UTV skid plates.

Maverick Rs have been bending lower A-arms (Marc Burnett bent one in 45 minutes), so ARD upgraded to CA Technology Maverick R high-clearance boxed lower control arms ($1,595). These arms boast 11-gauge grade-50 structural steel construction for strength and durability, and they have an extra 2.9 inches of ground clearance. High-grade UHMW-machined bushings to provide smooth operation and long-lasting service. They use OEM geometry and include brake-line mounting holes and stainless hardware.

Most of the Maverick R console and dash pieces left intact and stock, and the stock Maverick R steering wheel got Rugged Radios buttons for the push-to-talk and siren functions.
Both seats were removed, and drivers strapped into a Sabelt racing seat with a Sabelt harness. Kryptic moved the turbo intercooler and transmission cooler up for better-cooling airflow, then protected them with a screen and rear cover. No need for a navigator at the 12-Hour.
Kryptic SxS removed the entire bed and fabricated mounts for the rear fenders. Here, you can see the Fox Podium 3.0 RC2 shock conversion by E2E Racing.


George White at E2E Racing ash-canned the stock Fox QS3 compression adjusters and replaced them with RC2 adjusters for high- and low-speed compression tuning. George did the valving, piston mods and dual-rate springs for the build. Hess Motorsports is making its steering quickeners for Maverick Rs, but wasn’t finished in time for this build, so Carlos Cotto at ARD did the steering quickener using a sprint-car unit. Tires are BFGoodrich 30x10R15 Mud Terrain T/As on ZRP aluminum beadlock wheels. The Maverick R engine was left stone stock, as was the DCT transmission, intake and exhaust. All fluids were replaced by Motul lubricant and diff oil.

The passenger seat was removed, and the driver’s seat was replaced by a Sabelt racing seat with Sparco base mount and Sabelt harness. ARD racers all wear Sabelt driver suits as well. The stock Mav R steering wheel got buttons for the Rugged Radios intercom/radio PTT and siren. Switch Pros’ eight-position switch panel controls the Rugged Radios’ Mac Air pumper, Baja Designs’ ONX-Six 10-inch LED light bar on the front bumper, and XL80 LED pods on the A-pillars and siren. And last, the ARD Maverick R got a Graphics Guys wrap, as all ARD builds do. When we visited the race shop over New Year’s, Carlos drove the ARD Maverick R for photos, then said that it spoiled him and that he had to get one.

CA Technology armed the suspension with stronger lower A-arms that also add ground clearance, and Kryptic SxS supplied stronger rear upper links. If any 46th Dakar Challenger (T3) or SSV (T4) competitors raced Maverick Rs, they removed the high-knuckle setup.
ARD Racing fabricated a mount for a sprint-car steering quickener for the Maverick R, as Hess Motorsports hadn’t completed its R steering quickener in time for the 12-Hour.
The Maverick R engine, Dual Clutch Transmission, turbo and exhaust were left stone stock, except for getting Motul oil and fluids. E2E Racing did the shock mods, including swapping the QS3 adjusters to RC2 units with high- and low-speed compression clickers.


ARD Racing

6056 CR605

Burleson,TX 76208

(954) 663-2872

CA Technology USA

631 Mimosa Dr. NW

Cleveland, TN 37312


Kryptic SxS 

2146 Sulpher Springs Rd.

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