Team USA back on top Words and photos by Anthony Brebant

Quad Cross Of Nations

Kramolin, Czech Republic, hosted the 2022 Quadcross of Nations (QXON), with 17 countries competing for world bragging rights. 

In recent years the gap between U.S. riders and European riders has been shrinking, and this years was no different. After the first practice, Christopher Tveraen (Norway) set the best lap time in his group, then Joel Hetrick dominated the second group ahead of Bryce Ford and European champion Kevin Saar, who was a tick quicker than Chad Wienen. 

Three motos ran on Saturday, and they took the best two results from each nation to set the field for Sunday’s main event. Team USA made it look easy, starting with Bryce Ford’s second place in moto one, Chad Wienen’s win in moto two and Hetricks’s flag-to-flag victory in the third moto. Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Great Britain rounded out the top five in team points.

Quad Cross Of Nations
Europe has veterans like Joe Maessen, who have competed at the top level for 20 years now.
Quad Cross Of Nations
As dominant as Yamaha is in the States, they are the machine of choice in Europe MX, too.
Quad Cross Of Nations
It’s great to see American brands like Rath, Walsh, PEP, DWT, SSI, Hinson, Fox and Fly Racing make such a good showing on the world stage. The team win was good for everyone back home.
Quad Cross Of Nations
Team France had a good showing at QXON. Over the years we have seen several French riders come to the States and have good races. Let’s hope 2023 brings a few more.


On Sunday the race format was different, with three motos and every rider having to race two of them. Another interesting note of the race was for the gate pick. Each nation team had one rider in the first row and one rider in the second row. 

In the first moto Joe Maessen (Netherlands) took the holeshot in front of Kevin Saar (Estonia), Chad Wienen (USA), Randy Naveaux (Belgium) and Bryce Ford (USA). 

Chad Wienen (USA) took the lead immediately in the first turn and opened a gap on Randy Naveaux (Belgium), who was second in front of Kevin Saar (Estonia), but Saar would retire early with engine failure.

On lap two Chad Wienen (USA) retired from the moto due to a mechanical issue, letting Naveaux (Belgium) take the lead with a gap, but not for long, because Bryce Ford (USA) would battle back and take the win. 

 Joel Hetrick took the holeshot and led Daffyd Davies (Great Britain), Dean Dillon (Ireland), Chad Wienen (USA) and Christopher Tveraen (Norway).  In the first lap Chad Wienen would move up to second position chasing his teammate, while Chris Tveraen tagged along to take third place. 

Hetrick had a close call during one of the motos on track, while Wienen suffered a mechanical failure. Hetrick also suffered from a bug and wasn’t feeling 100 percent, although he performed when it counted.
Quad Cross Of Nations
Anthony Brebant has been capturing these international races for Dirt Wheels. You can check out more of his work on social media at @anthonybrebant.
Quad Cross Of Nations
The podium was shared by France, Ireland and our boys from the USA. Chad Wienen has been on all four winning teams the U.S. has sent over. Our dominance started in 2017.


Quad Cross Of Nations

Quad Cross Of Nations
The European fans are unique yet very supportive of their countrymen. If QXON came to U.S. soil, we are sure the local crowds would be out in force.
Quad Cross Of Nations
QXON rookie Bryce Ford has consistent, good finishes for Team USA, helping them achieve this historic win. We really wish Team USA would have each chosen to ride different-colored Yamahas—red, white and bue. They did get the win, which was even more important.


In the last start of the 2022 Quadcross of Nations, the holeshot went to Bryce Ford in front of Randy Naveaux (Belgium), Harry Walker (Great Britain) and Patrick Turrini (Italy).  Joel Hetrick had a great start in 11th position from the second row.  Hetrick would need only three laps to take the lead and put a small gap on Ford, who took a solid second, with Randy Naveaux (Belgium) on his heels. Rounding out the top five, Kevin Saar (Estonia) had 15 seconds on Harry Walker. a

After the points were tallied, Team USA took the 2022 Quad of Nations overall win, with Team Ireland taking  second place, while the last spot on the podium went to Team France.  Team USA now has four wins (2017, 2018, 2019, 2022), and Chad Wienen is the only rider from the USA to be on the team for each win, holding the title as the most successful rider in the Quadcross of Nations.

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