We make an honest effort to call companies in the industry and collect new products, but when companies ship products to the office it makes our jobs that much sweeter. Today we received a Tri-Handle Wrench Set from Race Tools. Maybe you haven’t heard much of the company from Rochester, NY, but we sure have. Race Tools makes high quality tools and muffler products for motorcycles and ATV’s and has for years.

With that said, Race Tools Tri-Handle Wrenches look pretty interesting. The wrench set consists of two combination wrenches, one with 8, 10, and 12mm socket heads and one 13, 14, and 17mm. Made of drop forged, case-hardened steel with a yellow zinc chromate finish, these tools will withstand years of use and harsh chemicals. Retailing for $39.95, you can order a set today by calling Race Tools at (585) 328-9160 or visiting www.racetools.com 

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