The Raptor 250 is proof that you don’t need a big motor and massive horsepower to have fun on a quad.From beginners to pros, it has become a favorite machine for zipping around on the trails. Its formula for success is the same that Yamaha began with 25 years ago with their Blaster 200. Keep the quad simple while making it handle well, and offer it at an affordable price. The main difference from the Blaster is that the Raptor has an air-cooled, two-valve, four-stroke motor instead of a two-stroke. It’s very reliable, is easy to maintain and makes decent power. While other 250s have automatic transmissions, the Raptor provides a manual clutch and five-speed gear box just like a 400 or 450 sport quad.

For young riders moving up from a mini quad, the Raptor 250 is an excellent choice. It’s also a good machine for beginner riders who need some riding experience before taking on a 400 or 450 sport quad. You’ll also see plenty of Raptor 250s at motocross and cross-country races. It’s by far the most popular quad for racing classes below the 400 and 450 level. As this survey shows, the aftermarket companies offer a good supply of accessories and hop-up parts to improve the Raptor 250’s performance. Once a rider gets better on a 250, he’ll obviously be wishing for more power, but most of these Raptor owners don’t feel too deprived in that regard.

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